Random Thoughts: Revenge and Voting

Remember when the year 2000 was the distant future instead of the distant past?

The creator of Far Side has worked to keep Far Side comics off the internet, and thus people are forgetting about them.

For a long while as a kid, I wanted to do a newspaper comic strip. Not really a growth industry these days.

Glad I have an iPad so I have something to use to view the internet with while rebooting my computer.

Is there anyway to tell autocorrect that I do not and never will capitalize “internet”?

Here’s Buttercup posing in her Halloween costume. If only we got a picture of the expression she had when she saw herself in the mirror. She loves Minnie Mouse.

Obama: “Voting is the best revenge.” Not sure the vengeance minded are going to be skewing Democrat.

Obama’s statement makes me think of America standing behind a chain link fence yelling, “Avenge me!”

Seriously, though, who is going to win Tuesday?

I’m not in the market for iPad smaller and less powerful than my current one.

Barack Obama is black? I thought he was Chinese.

Wow. After all this time, I still had to look up whether “Barack” is spelled with one ‘r’ or two. Well, similar problem with Hillary Clinton

If Romney loses, I hope the GOP learns the right lesson about how they need to stop nominating right-wing radicals like him and McCain.

Finally saw Prometheus. That Damon Linedelof is good at raising intriguing questions. Answers, not so much.

Prometheus was like a microcosm of Lost. I was so completely drawn in by the mysteries, but there was no payoff.

Really well made movie, though. Just seems like it very much requires a sequel… which is coming.

The left have a much bigger problem with dumb racists than the right because they let them get away with it.

Doing my part for the Romney campaign this weekend by hacking Diebold machines.

Dawkins seems very ruled by his emotions.

Voting is the best revenge, and knowing Democrats, we better keep an eye out for revenge from beyond the grave.

I was supposed to get an extra hour sleep Sunday morning, but no one told Buttercup that.

If Obama wins reelection on Tuesday, expect a white people riot. Whatever you do, stay away from white people.

I don’t have anything against white people. I’ve even dated a white person before. But white people are crazy.

No one has ever written good poetry. The most revered poets are just those where we were awed their writing wasn’t a complete waste of time.

“Kill. Sleep. Kill. Sleep.” -cat planning its day

Saw my dog chewing a rawhide, and I told her, “Stop worrying so much!” She totally cracked up.

The subject line of the Obama emails keeps getting creepier. Latest one I got: “I like watching you pee”

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  1. I do a “this day in history” thing for the library I work at. Apparently Nov. 5, 1994, George Foreman punched out Michael Moorer and became the oldest boxing heavyweight champion.

    I really wish that extra “r” wasn’t there. It would be awesome to watch a professional boxer beat the crap out of Michael Moore.


  2. I dunno Zaklog. That’s a lot of fat to punch through. Moore might not even feel it. I think the only way to knock down Michael Moore is to isolate him from food until he faints. So, probably for about 5 minutes.


  3. I’m just glad Frank J didn’t post a picture of Michael Moore in his Minnie Mouse halloween costume !!

    Seriously, though, that pic of Buttercup is sooo cute…THAT’S what Halloween should look like !! Too bad that in Iowa it takes about 15 minutes of walking to go from one house to another. Sure makes for a long night to fill one plastic pumpkin.


  4. @CTCompromise – you think you got it bad? Buttercup is in Idaho where you can’t even see the neighboring houses because of the curvature of the earth.


  5. no one has ever written good poetry? submitted for your approval:

    Ode to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz

    she wasn’t what one would call pretty,
    so other girls offered her pity.
    who would have guessed
    that her wasserman test
    involved half the men in the city.


  6. “I don’t have anything against white people. I’ve even dated a white person before. But white people are crazy.”

    I’m assuming you mean a “composite” white person, of course.


  7. @5. 5.DamnCat says:
    OOOPPPS…Idaho and Iowa are pretty much interchangable from this end of the country ! If I had gone to school in Asia I would probably have learned more about American geography. We were so busy with racial studies, revised history, and democratic politics that we didn’t have much time for anything west of the Rockies.


  8. “I don’t have anything against white people. I’ve even dated a white person before. But white people are crazy.”

    Why is it, people may still refer to “white people” and be politically correct? I mean, no one would dare refer to “black people”, “yellow people” or “brown people” (Just ask the Bush family about that last one…they got crucified as being politically incorrect when refering to their own family members!) If political correctness is going to regress us to where our ancestors came to this country from hundreds of years ago, then I am Celtic-American, not “white” thank you very much. As for our president…they will need to use alot of hyphens!


  9. @11. jw:
    As soon I hit “submit”…I heard Edward Lear scoldling me….It’s a limerick, of course!! So, I guess you get double bacon for that !


  10. Michelle an alien may be
    A woman who stands to pee
    Her movements may not be filled with grace
    But she is cosmonaut porn
    Since the space station was born
    Cuz her ass can be seen from space


  11. “Wow. After all this time, I still had to look up whether “Barack” is spelled with one ‘r’ or two. Well, similar problem with Hillary Clinton”

    Hillary is spelled with one ‘r’.

    Barack Obama is spelled “Bronco Bamma” as little Abby cried out in the YouTube video.



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