Random Thoughts: Taxes, Greed, and Bigots

So Obama is threatening to raise our taxes if we don’t let him raise taxes on the rich? #My2K

Isn’t our attitude supposed to be, “It’s okay we suffer as long as the super-mega-ultra rich are somewhat inconvenienced!”?

America is a very big country with a very small president.

A good portion of the left see racism the same way the KKK did: As a tool to get what they want.

How are we supposed to run a functional government on a mere $2.5 trillion a year?

Powerball and Obama are both supported by the greed of poor people.

Democrats are so focused on bigots and racists of the past they’re completely missing the new breed of bigots and racists they’re developing.

If one’s income was no one’s business but his own, we’d be a much better, less greedy nation.

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  1. Your presidente does not have the integrity nor the character to be honest that not only are taxes going up, but spending on needless garbage is as well. Thanks stoplights. I hope you all die painfully, slowly, and with Rush Limbaugh playing on your radio.


  2. The difference being that I am willing to spend a couple bucks on the lottery a few times a year on the off chance that I might win, whereas the government takes far more than a couple bucks at the point of a gun every year and I have no chance of winning anything.



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