Random Thoughts: The Calm Before the Storm

The polls say the election tomorrow is too close to call, so it’s being canceled.

2nd place in the presidential election gets “Being President” the home game.

You can’t question polls. They’re something similar to science.

When did feminism go from “My body, my choice!” to “Your money, my choice!”?

My will is just the phrase “Avenge me!”

I don’t like Obama. I hope he doesn’t get reelected.

So Nate Silver has Romney at about a 1 in 8 chance. If I had a 1 in 8 chance of being president tomorrow, I’d think that would be awesome. Man, the things I’d nuke.

Any non-election news happen today? I’m especially interested in anything videogame related.

What’s going on reminds me a lot of how things were in 1980. Just kidding, I was one year old then. Main concern was pooping.

Wii U is coming out soon. Right now, it’s the least interested I’ve been for a new Nintendo console.

Obama just tweeted he ordered the raid that killed bin Laden. Is this true?

I got tired of people telling me to “pump up the jams” so I invented a self-pumping jam.

Men lean heavily to the GOP but that’s tempered somewhat by the Dems loudly advertising they have most of the easy women.

Intrade still gives Romney a 1 in 3 chance of winning, so if you believe Nate Silver you can make some good money there.

If you’re a TV show in need of a guest Wednesday, I’m good at making up facts to explain whatever happens today. You have to be a TV show that films in Idaho.

Liberty is the best social safety net.

The reason Democrats are so adamantly opposed to basic measures to prevent voter fraud is because those measures prevent voter fraud.

Dems spend the year talking about how dumb Republicans are and Election Day getting as many low information voters to the polls as possible.

Bronco Bamma would be a great cartoon character to teach kids the dangers of government incompetence.

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  1. Guess what: When you get old, your main interest once again becomes pooping. Not there yet, but I have discovered that prunes are a mighty tasty snack.

    I’m tired of hearing about how righties think lefties are stupid and lefties think righties are evil. I think lefties are stupid AND evil. Ha! I win!


  2. Men lean heavily to the GOP but that’s tempered somewhat by the Dems loudly advertising they have most of the easy women.

    Frank, you’re a professional writer; you should know how to spell “ugly women”.


  3. Even though we walk through the valley
    of the shadow of Obama, I will fear no evil
    because Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark
    Levin, Sean Hannity, Talk Radio and Fox News
    is with us.

    On this day I will fear no Evil


  4. “You can’t question polls. They’re something similar to science.”

    Only true if you believe astrology is also akin to science, along with palm reading, tea leaves, etc. are also akin to science. When you poll D+11 – that’s not science, it’s not even statistics…


  5. ^ Iowa Jim, let’s be fair, a lot of pretty, empty-headed college girls are very liberal, and having whole-heartedly subscribed to the “sexual revolution” are very easy as well.


  6. I hear Windows 8 came out recently. I also hear it’s not bad, despite being somewhat annoying with the default tablet screen. I also hear it’s not the gamepocalypse like some folks said it would be, and that it’s faster than 7. Also, you can get the upgrade for only $40.

    But that’s all from Kotaku, which is part of Gawker, and thus not to be trusted.


  7. Not only did he order the raid that killed bin Laden he personally performed the DNA test using Monica Lewinski’s hijab that proved he got the right guy.



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