Random Thoughts: The Day After

Why so serious?

A dour, cynical Obama with a horrible record won as easily as a hopeful, empty-slate Obama. Not sure what to take from that.

The old conservative guard is now dead! I am leader of the right now! Stay tuned for marching orders!

Lot of talk of Texas seceding which would really hurt economy. Should try and talk California into seceding instead.

We really need to already start prepping the next moderate squish for his run in 2016.

So what are Obama’s plans for the next four years that don’t involve getting anything through the Republican Congress?

So why did McCain get so many more votes than Romney? Palin?

Anyone ever consider the idea that people just don’t like jobs? If they’re so great, why do people have to pay us to do them?

Since I’ll be Constitutionally eligible then, I’m starting my 2016 campaign for president. Pays well and little supervision; cushy job.

My vow as president will be to do as little as possible because you’re all adults and I don’t care about your whiny little problems.

As president, I will give one speech per year and then we stay out of each other’s way.

I will make one change: Whining will no longer be a protected form of speech. Whining will get you deported.

So now we have to wait until 2016 to confiscate women’s uteruses?

Mustache-growing not going so well. Looking to be a depressing month.

So someone picked up Alan Grayson after he was unceremoniously hurled from his previous district?

Just FYI: I don’t want to ever hear anything about “tone” from any Democrat who does anything other than shun Alan Grayson.

Just going to throw this out there: Has the GOP tried nominating someone with a mustache?

So what guy who lost in the primary to Romney will we run in 2016?

The slow, self-inflicted disintegration of California is actually kind of fascinating to watch.

We can just close the deficit by taxing the rich more. And if the math doesn’t add up on that, math is racist.

So anyone expecting big things in Obama’s 2nd term?

We can take some consolation in the fact that those celebrating hardest will be the first to die when winter comes.

As Iron Man is always saying: “Winter is coming.”

So according to Nate Silver, what’s the percentage chance the five conservative Supreme Court Justices all live another four years?

I like Cory Booker. Has he thought about running for governor?

We should abolish taxes and when the government needs money for something it will just have to go door to door and ask for it.

I love libertarian advice for the GOP, because if there is one thing libertarians know, it’s winning elections.

Well, we still have big majority in the House and governors which is like a million times better than president so I totally don’t even care.

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  1. The good news is, of all the Republicans who lost in the primaries, there weren’t really any moderate squishes to run next time. Well, Huntsman, but does it actually count as running in the primaries if you never get more than 2% of the vote?

    This means in 2016 the GOP will have to break one of its two traditions: either it will quit nominating moderate squishes, or it will quit nominating the guy “who’s turn it is”. If we’re truly lucky, we’ll break both of them.

    If we’re starting our 2016 selections now, I’m starting by throwing my support to Mike Pence or Bobby Jindal. (Of course, if Frank is invited to the debates, I’ll obviously be supporting him.)


  2. “Pays well and little supervision; cushy job.”

    Sorry, but the “little supervision” part only applies to Democratic presidents. Any Republican (or conservative in general) has the media watching him constantly for the slightest misstep. I honestly would think this is a great thing if it were applied equally. The man in the White House should be worried about screwing up and trying very hard to avoid it. . . . Too bad it’s only applied to one side.


  3. Just going to throw this out there: Has the GOP tried nominating someone with a mustache?

    Thomas Dewey, 1948


  4. I love libertarian advice for the GOP, because if there is one thing libertarians know, it’s winning elections.

    The Libertarian Party will never win because even though it promises fiscal responsibility it also promise all the stuff Republican hate (gay marriage, abortion, weed, and no more war). On the flip side they promise everything Democrats want (ay marriage, abortion, weed, and no more war) but tell them they have to pay for it themselves if they want it.


  5. @AwesometificAmerican:

    How did the comedian put it? Republicans and Democrats want basically the same things: clean water, healthy children, nice roads…etc. The only difference is that the Democrats want the Republicans to pay for it all.


  6. Why can’t we just kick California out? I mean they had to apply for statehood. Couldn’t we just revoke it?


  7. The slow, self-inflicted disintegration of California is actually kind of fascinating to watch.

    You’re next, Smug Boy. “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Alexis de Tocqueville


  8. If Texas did secede I figure we’d be OK. And you guys would all be welcome. Here are some actual factoids:
    Texas total state economy (gross state product) = $1.33 trillion.
    Texas total state budget = $81 billion for 2012/13: 6% of GSP with no state income tax, projected surplus for 2013.
    Texas accounts for 25% of total US oil production.
    Texas accounts for 30% of total US natural gas production.
    Texas accounts for HALF of total US refinery capacity.
    Texans own 51 million personal firearms. That’s almost exactly 2 guns per person.
    Don’t mess with Texas.


  9. The platform you should be working on is Gun control. Fienstein has already started her gun ban bill, with no grandfather in clause, just like obamba wanted


  10. Just remember: We may have been on the losing side; still not convinced it was the wrong one. If Texas goes, can they take a couple more states with them? I’d hate to feel crowded.


  11. Tennessee also has no state income tax and most of the state is deep red.
    Except for Memphis, (Chicago Jr. on the Mississippi).
    If a new Free America coalesces around Texas, what shall we call ourselves?
    Heartland? Fly-Overvania? Capitalismopia? Livefreeistan? Texas and Friends?
    just spit-balling…


  12. Right there with ya, 4of7. I lived my first 50 years in Tennessee and still miss those smoky blue hills. I like to think I followed Davy Crockett and Sam Houston down here. Don’t plan on holing up in any tiny church buildings and picking a fight with the Mexican army, though. And I was thinking the same thing on Wednesday – how could we geographically connect Tennessee and Texas in the Crockett Republic? Have to drag along Arkansas, I guess. Dang.

    Oh, side note – I did commemorate the election results on Wednesday by buying 3,000 rounds of ammunition and going to the gun range. I feel much better now.



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