Here’s a sort of elections results thread. I’ll mainly be over on the Twitters reacting as the night goes by, so look for me there. And, well, we’ll see what happens. I’m not really prepared for either result, but at least we’ll maybe get some closure.

BTW, Romney has already been declared the winner of Indiana, which is one steal from Obama’s 2008 results.

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  1. True, but Indiana was already considered a given for Romney. Ohio, Florida, Virginia are about all that matters right now. Although I am looking for something out of Pennsylvania and possibly Wisconsin. Ya never know.


  2. A quick note to those voting for Johnson, particularly in Florida (as of this writing, Obama is winning Florida 49.8-49.3 by the exact amount of Johnson’s votes (0.5)):

    If your car gets stuck in the mud and all you had was beasts of burden to pull you out, you’d much rather have an elephant than a donkey. But a rhino would do in a pinch.



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