Romney Post-Morterm from Right-Wing Bloggers

John Hawkins of Right-Wing News polled a number of right-leaning bloggers (including me) on thoughts about Romney and his campaign. Here are the results.

So basically no one really liked Romney in the first place and then he failed to engage conservatives. Lessoned learned: We need an even squisher RINO for 2016!

Or me. Because I am running on the “destroy government from the inside” platform. I’ll have to see if John Hawkins can poll on me and my strong, anti-whining viewpoint. Maybe if I can get right-wing bloggers behind me, we can really get my campaign going.

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One Comment

  1. Silly, Frank, government is impervious from the inside!

    What was your answer for #5 – how to reach Hispanic voters? I’m boggling my mind trying to figure out what a conservative version of La Raza is.



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