Satire: Screenshot of Obama’s Desktop (Huh… Still Running XP)

Posted on November 23, 2012 4:00 pm

[High Praise! to Flopping Aces]

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6 Responses to “Satire: Screenshot of Obama’s Desktop (Huh… Still Running XP)”

  1. Jimmy says:

    ‘Your computer has caused an error and needs to close. Tell Microsoft [Send] [Don’t Send] [Wipe The Hard Drive]”

  2. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    I have 3 computers, 2 with XP and the laptop with Windows 7, take a guess which one sucks the most? (hint, it’s not the 2 with XP) So NO, I doubt Obama uses XP, only smart people do.

  3. Harvey says:

    @2 – Agreed. There’s been no improvement over XP. In fact XP isn’t even that big of an improvement over Win2K (I was perfectly happy with that on the one computer I had that ran it).

  4. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    I think Microsoft OS development peaked with Windows 3.0.


  5. Cass says:

    7 is the best Windows OS so far, XP was great but 7 has DirectX 11 :3

  6. CharlieDelta says:


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