Should We Hasten the Country’s Collapse?

So we all understand nothing useful is going to come out of these fiscal cliff talks, right? I mean the only thing that will get us off this path to debt destruction are huge changes to entitlements, and that’s just not going to happen. So instead we have Obama insisting on raising taxes for pretty much no reason (what he wants won’t even come close to covering the deficit). So what can we do if the president is an extremely unserious person?

I think our only strategy left might be to heap on even more debt and taxes and help the economy towards destruction. Then, when the government and society collapse, we automatically get to make the rules for the new one we rebuild since we have all the guns (if you follow the order of succession, if goes VP, Speaker of the House, the cabinet, Congress, and far enough down it’s just “people with guns”). And a complete collapse does seem like the only realistic way to pull back entitlements.

Of course, there are downsides to this plan. For one, a complete collapse of society could really delay the next iPhone. And there will probably be death and destruction — especially for all the people extremely dependent on government who just won’t be able to make it on their own now when it collapses. Oh, and one of us will have to write a new Constitution. And while that isn’t that long a document, it does seem pretty boring to write — especially if we want to keep up the tradition of it being hand written.

But, anyway, a plan worth thinking about.

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  1. Well if I have learned anything from “The Walking Dead” is that it seems that folks will survive without government help. I never hear Rick and his group worrying about the fiscal cliff or if it is more important to find ammo or make sure that everyone has free cell phones.

    I suggest that the rich and the smart go Galt if they have the means to do so. Just pull up stakes and head for the bunkers and just stop inputting cash into the system. For the rest of us that cant afford to pull a Galt, just hop onto the system while there is still some cash left and start sucking it dry and speed up the end.


  2. The House Republicans need to work Smarter, not Harder:
    1. Write a Bill that raises the Debt Ceiling and gives Obama the tax increase he wants.
    2. Hold a press conference showing them the Bill.
    3. Make the necessary changes to the Budget.
    4. Attach the Debt Ceiling to the Budget.
    5. Hold a Press Conference with the entire set of documents.
    Announce that henceforward these Debt Ceilings will only be considered once a year.
    Explain that the Debt Ceilings will only be attached to the Budget.
    Explain that the entire thing either Passes or Fails together and that it is now up to Harry Reed to pass the Budget and Barack
    Obamanation to enforce it all, while being out of the hands of the House of Representatives.

    All of this, if done in order will:
    1. Place the Ownership of the Debt Ceiling directly into Obama’s Lap.
    2. The notice that the increase will only be attached to the Budget, means Harry Reed MUST pass the budget.
    3. The modified New Budget means that the Representatives reasserts control over the Budget and Taxes.
    4. The failure to negotiate, unless the negotiations are Public, will force the Administration to Publicly negotiate in good faith and
    will force all of Obama’s “promises” into writing.


  3. @4 – “The failure to negotiate, unless the negotiations are Public, will force the Administration to Publicly negotiate in good faith and will force all of Obama’s “promises” into writing.”

    Pity Obama readers can neither read nor be swayed by facts.

    Also, they’re not that into holding people accountable for their words or actions.


  4. If the fecal matter does hit the oscillating device, you are definitely gonna want to go rural. Those who stay in cities are going to have to deal with riots over food, gas and potable water. Makes me glad of my 4 acres and well.


  5. We don’t need to write a new Constitution: We’ll just take the one we’ve got now. since no one seems to be using it.



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