Something Fun to Distract You

[High Praise! to Primordial Slack]

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Full disclosure: when I was a kid back in the 70’s, I had an entire book about flexagons, and I used to spend hours making and playing with them. Glad to hear they haven’t completely faded into obscurity.

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  1. She sounds like that girl that does the guild. Probably not the same person, as the one on the guild is into music, and this one is into math.

    Sweet math.

    I’m not big on paper though. I’m more of a synthetic polymer guy. More symmetry.


  2. I’m probably going to spend half the day tomorrow fiddling with bits of paper until I get it right and will feel an insanely disproportionate sense of accomplishment when I succeed.
    (Like that time I figured out how to fold a piece of copier paper in half 8 times although they said it couldn’t be done – Oo Rah!)



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