Spoken Like a True Second Place Finisher

Posted on November 20, 2012 4:00 pm

Nancy Pelosi praised House Democrats, saying “we may not have the gavel, but we have unity.”

I’m sure that as they go off the cliff, lemmings have similar comforting thoughts.

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7 Responses to “Spoken Like a True Second Place Finisher”

  1. Crazy Bald Guy says:

    The whole story behind lemmings committing suicide actually turned out to be a hoax:

    But Democrats seem to be big fans of hoaxes, so maybe the analogy fits anyway.

  2. Harvey says:

    @1 – Agreed, however, my point as written still stands, because lemmings happily migrating in packs do sometimes fall off cliffs.

    And, as one lemming recently emailed, his last thought as he went over the edge was “UNITY!”.

  3. Marc says:

    A large group of short sighted, not very bright, individuals charging towards a cliff…sounds more like Buffalo. Add in the dirty, hairy and stinky and you could confuse them with hippies.

  4. CTCompromise says:

    Harvey, you forgot the rest of the quote…“we may not have the gavel, but we have unity to constantly vote against anything the ones who do have the gavel propose….for four more years !”

  5. plentyobailouts says:

    They have unity, too bad they don’t have soap.

    democrat, ancient slang for idiot wannabe.

  6. JDavid says:

    The commie-lib Dems NEVER give up. It is too bad the Dead Elephants don’t have their grit, and intend to continue being retarded:

  7. Manolo says:

    So I guess that makes them a bunch of unitards.

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