Straight Line of the Day: Obama Proposes 6,125 New Regulations. The Craziest One…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Obama proposes 6,125 new regulations. The craziest one…

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  1. …shouldn’t really be a surprise: “all half black two-term presidents receive right of first refusal as to a third and fourth term”.
    …”says you have to make my bunk. if we were in germany I’d have to make your bunk, but we’re in italy so you have to make mine. it’s regulations.”
    …mandates the creation of the half-black panthers.
    …blames bush for benghazi.
    …requires registering your imao handle in the fbi database.


  2. …NASA will design new spacesuits to be Muslim compliant and come with artificial gravity enabled prayer rugs.

    …requires Yankee Doodle to arrive via high speed rail.

    …imposes a fine on anyone who serves him a cooked canine when he says “Yo, Dawg”.

    …is that any of his future sons look like him or have a passable resemblance to Trayvon, or be shot.


  3. …requires hillary pull up her hair and put on some makeup.
    …requires bill clinton’s black book of autobiographers be cross-referenced with petraeus’ for overlap, then given to him in a brown envelope. history won’t write itself!
    …instructs the press to start talking about michelle’s fantastic arms again.
    …declares smoking good for you…but only menthols.


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