Straight Line of the Day: The Weirdest Obama-Themed Christmas Gift…

Posted on November 26, 2012 12:00 pm

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

The weirdest Obama-themed Christmas gift…

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37 Responses to “Straight Line of the Day: The Weirdest Obama-Themed Christmas Gift…”

  1. rodney dill says:

    The Wok Your Dog Kitchen set

  2. jw says:

    “all the breeds that are good to eat” commemorative plates

    a new star wars character collectible “Michelle” action figure

  3. rodney dill says:

    The “Present” present. (You push the button, and it says ‘Present’)

  4. rodney dill says:

    Either the Wookie Chemical Depilatory kit, Barack got for Michelle.
    Or the Bo Obama sweater Michelle got for Barack. (It has “Bo Ob”- on the front, and puts the “ama” on the back)

  5. rodney dill says:

    The ChoomyLand Board Game (In the game if you’re elected president, you don’t win, but everyone else loses.)

  6. g says:

    … A snow globe where a man in red breaks in and takes all of your stuff to give to others.

  7. rodney dill says:

    The Obama head shaped volume knob that goes all the way to 11.

  8. DamnCat says:

    The new Obama Bow-Flex machine. It doesn’t strengthen any part of you – it just makes you more flexible for easier bowing to foreign despots.

  9. rodney dill says:

    The ‘Color Outside The Lines – U.S. Constitution Coloring Book’

  10. tomg51 says:

    is the wookie-leg lamp

    is the double-dog-dare-ya flag pole with Biden figurine enclosed attached

  11. rodney dill says:

    @tomg51 “wookie-leg lamp” — it’s a Major Award.

  12. CTCompromise says:

    “Obamonopoly” : Everybody’s money just goes in one big pile on the left of the board.
    The “chance” and “community chest” cards award food stamps, cell phones, cars, etc.
    Which ever player is “The Banker” is the only one who ever goes to jail.
    Whoever has the most properties at the end of the game, loses.

  13. CTCompromise says:

    The weirdest Obama-themed Christmas gift…is a DIY birth certificate kit.

  14. CTCompromise says:

    The weirdest Obama-themed Christmas gift…is a big foam hand to wave in front of people’s faces when photos are being taken.

  15. tomg51 says:

    is the Obama Life board game where the dice are rolled and all decisions are made for you

    is the WhoVille game where excess heart tissue is confiscated and relabeled as food stamps and welfare

    is the free Obama tree ornament with “present-scan” technology which audits your gifts for tax purposes

  16. Dohtimes says:

    …is the James Clapper Clapper, just clap your hands and the light comes on but James is still in the dark.

    …the Obama Rice Cooker, nothing sticks to the cooker or the rice!!!

    …free Jesus Saves Jobs under picture of Obama tattoos.

  17. rodney dill says:

    …The Deficit Hot Potato game….

  18. CTCompromise says:

    The weirdest Obama-themed Christmas gift…an I.O.U. hand signed by the president to your child(ren).

  19. rodney dill says:

    Along the lines of the Drinking Bird we have the new Bowing Obama for Christmas. Keeps on bowing to everything and everyone.

  20. CTCompromise says:

    The weirdest Obama-themed Christmas gift…matching family buckets.

  21. rodney dill says:

    The Obama No More Tears Boehner Shampoo.

  22. rodney dill says: ( My link on the drinking bird didn’t work)

  23. HokieGomer says:

    …was the remoulade marinated collar left for Bo under the tree.

  24. tomg51 says: the fruit cake from GLBT bakery

  25. apostic says:

    Re rodney dill November 26th, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    My God, this is doable. Could be more scandalously popular than the Larry Craig Bobblefoot or the Nicole Brown Simpson PEZ dispenser.

  26. tomg51 says:

    ….is the retro gift.. Sandy Berger extra-tall high-capacity socks

  27. archangel says:

    …a nativity set with jamie foxx as a shepherd, bringing bling and bowing to “our lord and savior” baby obama. michelle is the camel.

  28. tomg51 says:

    … is the Obama Holiday Gift Card – you send in your check; 90% is used to pay government worker Christmas bonuses, 8% goes people you would never personally support, and 2% helps people who really do need and appreciate your kind gift (boy is that 2% ever weird and unexpected..)

  29. Bob in Feenicks says:

    …Tickle Me Biden.

    …A pre-constructed lego set, because you didn’t build that.

    …an Easy Bake Oven large enough to fit a chihuahua.

  30. tanstaafl says:

    his third autobiography, “to serve man”

  31. Iowa Jim says:

    . . . the do it yourself taxidermy kit (you supply the dog)

  32. CarolyntheMommy says:

    … is any Christmas gift because Obama is far too worldly to force Christian beliefs on anyone, you xenophobe.

  33. Writer says:

    The Heated Toilet Seat that plays Obama singing The Star Spangled Banner whenever anyone sits on it.

  34. 1Richard says:

    As if the free “hecho in Mexico” cell phone wasn’t enough?

  35. rodney dill says:

    The dead are more likely to vote Democratic after the zombies have eaten their brains.

  36. rodney dill says:

    (that one went in the wrong spot)

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