Taking on the Culture

Here’s Steven Crowder talking about where conservatives needs to fight more in the culture wars to win:

It’s not easy, though. We can’t just put out political shows. We have to have regular shows that just subtly lean right like the shows today are focused on other things but presume everyone has a leftist viewpoint.

And I see Crowder is doing the Movember thing and having as much trouble growing a mustache as I am.

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  1. Conservative Spanish language sitcoms and faux news shows to the rescue!

    In all seriousness, Crowder nailed it.


  2. Yeah, Crowder does have a point. The GOP still does not seem to understand new media. Or even old media for that matter. A lot of voters get all of their perceptions from social networking and TV. There are a lot of pundits saying many rural Americans didn’t vote, even though they don’t like Obama, because the anti-Bain ads worked to paint Romney as some evil greedy rich guy that closed down factories. The very type factories those kinds of people work at. Romney and the PACs didn’t run enough ads to the contrary.

    Oh, and my mustache/beard is growing out great. As always. Because I am a man. Bring on the grizzly bear for me to wrestle.



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