The Fiscal Cliff Needs a Sex Scandal

I think it’s pretty common to think that the chick writing a biography about you is coming on to you. I mean, she’s asking all these question about you and seems really really interested in you. Bunch of big green lights right there. So maybe if you’re married, you shouldn’t have a female biographer; just seems like so much potential for trouble.

Well, live and learn.

Anyway, big scandal for the CIA that everyone is interested in. You’d think everyone would be interested in getting to the bottom of the incompetence in Benghazi because Americans were killed there, but a sex scandal is much more interesting. Still, the sex scandal is tangentially related to the Benghazi stuff, so maybe it will lead to more focus on the issue. Which got me thinking: We need a sex scandal for the fiscal cliff.

I mean, this spending and deficit stuff is all very important, but it’s never been very interesting and has always had a lot of trouble keeping people’s attention. But maybe we could get a sex scandal in there to spice it up. If the whole debt crisis played out more like a soap opera, everyone would pay attention.

I’m not sure how that would work; maybe lobbyists sleeping with Congress to get more spending or something. But this is an idea worth brainstorming about and coming up with something really creative and interesting to really rope everyone into the deficit drama.

Once again, GOP, if you need a consultant for more creative ideas like this, I cost $1 million.

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  1. So maybe if you’re married, you shouldn’t have a female biographer

    I guess Bill Ayers was busy writing Obama’s next autobiography. There’s no scandal having a terrorist write it for you if you’re the ‘president’ so I’m sure it would be ok fore a mere General.


  2. Frank, you realize that when you’re elected President in 2016, the annual salary is only $400k. If you’re expecting million dollar payouts, you need to get all your consulting done before being elected.


    1) Over 300 murdered, including a government agent, as the result of a program launched by administration handing assault weapons to warlords.
    2) President launches cover-up, complete with a claim of “executive privilege” that is not applicable.
    3) Four Americans dead while president “goes to bed,” then President launches coverup, complete with blatant lies.
    4) General Petraeus’ extra-marital affair is investigated. ??

    1) Clinton has extra-marital affair AND commits perjury before congressional hearing regarding his affair.
    2) Press and administration say it’s “no one’s business” and Senate acquits him of perjury and obstruction of justice charges.
    3) Clinton remains president and hero to the left. Labeled “first black president” because of his affair, and no one considers that offensive.

    1) Has extra-marital affair.
    2) When confronted, admits to the affair and immediately resigns.
    3) Press and administration launch massive government investigation in attempt to press charges in the name of “national security.”



  4. It used to be said that a Democrat had to be caught in bed with a live boy or a dead hooker to be disgraced but nowadays those are resume enhancers. That leaves us with the MSM actually reporting on Obama’s trysts with two and three of any number of protected species, but even then only if damage is done to a wetland in the process. Barney Frank can be on live TV buggering a polar bear and a squid and get a shocked look on his face when informed that a Republican was rumored to have engaged in a sex act.



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