The Problem with This Economy Are Lazy Job Creators

I have a new column in the New York Post on how, since Obama has obviously done everything possible, the problem with unemployment are the business owners and job creators who just aren’t making the jobs we demand. It’s time for Obama to take a hard line with them.

As Obama explained to these cretins in his “you didn’t build that” speech, the government does most of the work involved in job creation. It builds all the roads and bridges, and the job creators are left with the extremely simple task of building businesses along those roads. It’s something children do all the time with lemonade stands (or at least they did before regulations cracked down on that).

That’s why Obama and many other politicians have never created businesses before: It’s child’s play.

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  1. You really need to add a disclaimer, printed in bold type, letting university professors and students know that your columns are sarcasm. I can easily picture them sitting there, running their hands through their oh-so-casual, intentional three days of facial growth (and that’s the lib women) saying, “This guy gets it” …and not being facetious.


  2. pravda is correct, our society is illiterate. So why do we bother printing printing everything in English and mexican?

    If that lazy pos in the White House would play more golf, he could create or save at least 2 million jobs! Why is he busy vacationing when he should be golfing?

    Where are all those george soros jobs we were promised? What about all those lazy contractors and their shovels?

    Why did that pos in the white House let the dang unicorn steal my osamaphone?



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