The Truth About Marijuana

Posted on November 27, 2012 3:00 pm

The Jewish-looking Steven Crowder investigates marijuana:

He has some information here worth everyone considering. While you can make a constitutional argument for marijuana, that doesn’t mean glossing over the harm of the drug is helpful.

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21 Responses to “The Truth About Marijuana”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    Next step: “Everybody in Cleveland know minority got Obamaweed. Keep Obama in president, you know? He gave us weed. He gonna do more…”

  2. Mxymaster says:

    Not sure what argument on Constitutional grounds can be made for marijuana that can’t be made for all other drugs.

  3. Bootstrap says:

    If the cartels hired lobbyists pot would be sold in Walmart like tobacco & booze. Should I desire to ruin my liver with drink, it is my choice. Should I desire to get lung cancer smoking, it is my choice. Should I elect to use marijuana for pain management, which I do, it is my choice. I don’t smoke it, due to the health risks. It is safer than long term opiates and won’t ruin my kidneys or liver. I moved from Idaho to a state that allows for medicinal marijuana use, to be legal. I am living on borrowed time and want to enjoy my days, pain free, but not an opiate zombie. Pot is no more a gateway drug than alcohol is.

    Having worked in law enforcement I can tell you that aside from a rogue desire for Doritos, pot heads were never a problem. However, drunks like to abuse others, such as wives, girlfriends, kids, neighbors, bar patrons, and they love to fight with cops. Never had to fight a stoner. However, I did provide wall to wall therapy for some drunks on the way to the grey bar hotel.

  4. Zaklog the Great says:

    ^ Son of Bob, you missed something there, though. Let me correct it for you.

    “Everybody in Cleveland know minority got Obamaweed. Romney sucks! Keep Obama in *puff* . . . what was I saying, again?”

    Of course, the coincidence legalization of marijuana and the death of Hostess may cause serious problems.

  5. Zaklog the Great says:

    ^ Bootstrap, Crowder was talking more about the long term health (and mental health) effects of marijuana. It may cause fewer problems short term than alcohol, but can have more long-term destructive effects, especially when used by adolescents.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Bootstrap gives new meaning to the phrase “bootstrap loader.”

  7. NoMoBama says:

    Yes Mr Bootstrap, everyone knows that once you smoke pot you never touch another drop of alcohol.

    PS: As soon as someone says anything similar to: I am living on borrowed time and want to enjoy my days, pain free, but not an opiate zombie it tells me A: you’re a f’ing liar and you sure as hell don’t have any form of painful cancer or B: you’ve never actually smoked pot while in pain. I’ve been smoking pot for 35 years (and even been arrested for having it) and have been in all sorts of excruciating pain and trust me, pot in no way shape or form kills pain. If anything, it makes it worse. Alcohol does so if you were really dying from cancer, (which you aren’t) and really didn’t want to be addicted to opiates (which kill pain way better than alcohol does while leaving you more or less functional) you’d go to the liquor store. Then again, why in the f&%k would it matter to someone who is DYING if they get addicted to oxys?

    Nice try though. And no, pot should not be legal, people are brain dead enough to vote for Obama now, just imagine the world after 10 years of legal weed.

  8. James says:

    I spent six long years in Ann Arbor and I don’t know how he managed it, but Mr. Crowder found some of the most normal and lucid citizens of that fair city. The drug dealing anti-Semetic doesn’t reflect the true level of crazy observable on the streets every day.

  9. CTCompromise says:

    I think we should all vote to legalize marijuana…BUT only for the cities where we think hippies should migrate to. Detroit, South L.A., San Francisco (Haight-Ashbury, of course), and New York City (for as long as they continue to elect Bloomberg)! Then the rest of the country will be populated once again, mostly by productive, mature, tax-paying, REAL Americans. Hey, I’m willing to give up these parts of the country in order to restore all the rest of the country. If they promise to secede, we’ll keep Texas !

  10. zzyzx says:

    If marajahochi is ever legalized in NY City Mayor Bloomberg will have to see to it laws passed to limit the size of the joints offered for sale.

  11. Stinson says:

    Marijuana is the issue where conservatives stop being conservative.

    Pot might be harmful to my health? Thanks for protecting me, Mommy Government.

  12. Basil says:

    I personally don’t care if you smoke pot, smoke tobacco, drink yourself into a stupor every night, run with scissors, or do anything else that might not be the best for you.

    However… once you hop into a car and pull out onto the highway while drunk, and put my life or my children’s life in danger, there’s a problem. If you want to smoke like a chimney, and I have to smell it, there’s a problem.

    Get it? Your rights to be abuse yourself end when your abuse impacts me. Because I have the right to not have to suffer from your abuse.

    It’s simple, really. And it doesn’t conflict at all with my conservative beliefs.

  13. Zendo Deb says:

    Basil, it sounds like you want to outlaw whiskey too.

    No one is saying that pot would be any different than alcohol. Except for the Right of course. And they accuse the Dems of imposing a nanny state.

    Consider this scene from Hang ‘Em High. Pretty much sums up the position of Temperance Movement of 19th and early 20th Centuries. Until we discovered that Prohibition doesn’t work. That markets do work, even when they are providing something you don’t like, they work.

  14. Michael Hutchison says:

    I thought Ann Coulter nailed it many years ago when she pointed out that legalizing drugs is inconsistent with a social welfare society where we have to care for every person who decides to cook their brain and become a burden to others. If we could drop all government welfare…then legalize everything!

  15. NoMoBama says:

    The reason they want “medical” pot is because they think it will be “free”….like everything else.

  16. Basil says:

    Zendo Deb:
    What I don’t like is your rights infringing on my rights. That’s my problem with Libertarians. They want to do anything they want. What they don’t want to do is temper themselves so that I don’t have to deal with their foolishness.

    If you can’t drink and stay off the roads, then you don’t need to do either. But, in my experience, there are plenty that do both. And I don’t want some damn drunk running over me or my children or grandchildren.

    If you can abuse yourself and not subject me to the consequences, fine. But I betcha can’t.

  17. blarg says:

    THIS is why conservatives lose elections. We’re all about freedom of choice and keeping mommy government out of our lives until we come up against something like this and then we can’t wait to legislate some morality.

    Who cares WHY someone wants to use drugs? DUI laws already on the books protect me potheads driving. Private companies and even government can still refuse to hire potheads just as they can refuse to hire alcoholics.

    I’ve never done ANY drugs in my life and I certainly hope I can teach my kids well enough to keep them away from them, but I wouldn’t presume to tell someone else by force of the government’s guns what they can or cannot do. If I fail and my kids decide to do drugs that is MY failure as a parent. I will own it. I don’t need laws to cover up the fact that I failed. That’s what liberals do.

    Speaking of kids, it is now easier for kids to get pot than alcohol. Drug dealers don’t check IDs. Deug dealers also won’t tell you if they laced that pot with some heroin just to drum up some extra business.

    Heck, we already have enough anri smoking laws in place to make sure I never even have to smell that crap… If if was smoked legally.

    As long as we use the “conservative” banner to legislate morals and sensibilities, how are we different from liberals? Is it because we think that our set of morals is correct? I bet they think theirs is too. They you playing their game. If you play their game you’re always going to lose.

    All the reasons mentioned here are perfectly good reasons to never touch pot. Worked for me. But NONE of these reasons offer any constitutional pretext to have mother government take the choice away from all of us because we think our argument alone won’t persuade everyone… And if we started to think that it is then the conservative party is sunk. It’s not a party of smaller government limited by a constitutional charter, we’re just arguing over which aspects of our lives government should be allowed to expand in order to control. That’s playing the liberals’ game and we’ve already lost the argument.

    Sorry about the spelling – I had to do this entry on my phone.

  18. Harvey says:

    @17 – “Drug dealers also won’t tell you if they laced that pot with some heroin just to drum up some extra business.”

    From my experience back in the day, you were lucky if your drug dealer laced your pot with pot, let alone something better.

  19. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    Oh, for garden seeds! (Or garden weeds!)

    Right. Those weed-huffing geniuses out there looking to storm the Temperance barricades and smugly shout how sweetleaf trumps the booze… know this: alcohol is metabolized through the liver and passes through the system. Cannabis gets absorbed into the body’s fat cells and stays in the body long after the user has set the bong aside. Also, the brain consists of mostly fatty material and a large portion of residual cannabinoids are found to be stored therein when autopisies are performed on the remains of the long-term 420 friendly.

    I leave the math to be done by the reader. (Should they actually bother to read rather than getting arsebulbish and space out on the couch during a King Of The Hill marathon.)

    You want to get your blaze on? Fine. Just don’t roll up to your gig as a forklift operator or junior college philosophy prof red of eye and muddy of mind and reflex and think that you’re functioning at peak performance. Because, ye proto-Hippie dopehead, you’re not.

  20. Bootstrap says:

    @nomobama I appreciate your medical evaluation. But, you are wrong. If ingested, it is beneficial to someone with internal ailments. If you have intestinal issues, it relieves pain. And, if you’ve already surpassed doctors expectations of your life span, why harm your kidneys and liver? If something else is available to treat the chronic (no pun intended) pain, that doesn’t pose a threat to your health, why not use it? I won’t quit, I won’t stop living, I won’t give up the fight for life. In the interim, I’m entitled to do it in as little pain as possible. Anyone who feels differently is either an ex wife of mine or a narrow minded, vindictive prick. I don’t think we were married.

  21. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    Anyone who feels differently is either an ex wife of mine or a narrow minded, vindictive prick.

    Ahhh, namecalling…a tactic garr-onn-teed to win over one’s opponents.

    if you don’t agree with legal drugs-which don’t mess you up like booze does-then you’re a big, dumb, stoopidheaded jerk!

    (Well, golly, gee, don’ wanna be a big dum stoopidhead, and all the cool kids will like you, so yay, legal drugs! Right?)

    Never had to fight a stoner.

    Hmmm….why do ya think that is, folks?

    Could it be that stoners are braindead, pacified, nonagggressive, nonconfrontational, malleable sorts?

    And that is supposed to be some kind of recommendation.?!?

    It sure enough could provide some partial explanation of the results of Nov. 6th, now couldn’t it?

    51.5% of the country are gullible blazeoids.

    Give me elbow-benders like George Patton, Norman Schwartzkopf, Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne over a windowless van full of blazeoid jamband Hippies any day.

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