When did this happen?

When did we go from

“Give me liberty or give me death”


“Give me!”

I was too busy working to notice when this happened. Can somebody fill me in?

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  1. I’m not a true Ronulan but at least think it would be fun if some came by to talk about this, so

    Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul

    it’s what the creature from Jekyll Island made possible. When the money manipulation of the Fed caused the Great Depression and all that “I’d like to thank you Herbert Hoover” stuff, FDR codified free stuff into law. (Hoover actually was trying to do junk like that too — but wasn’t generous enough for the peeps.)

    That was about 4 generations back and ala Idiocracy we’re all but evolving to live under such conditions.

    Catch ya after Mr. Galt rebuilds the line …


  2. Maybe when the communists and socialists took over academia in the 1920s in reaction to the policies of Woodrow Wilson who actually arrested people during WWI for criticizing and protesting the war and hence made a whole generation of intellectuals reject American values and embrace radical ideas?

    Then these people are their students infiltrated the news and entertainment industries. That is when Reagan had his eyes opened.

    Next, they infiltrated the public schools….

    It so bigger than just a few politicians and elections. It is the late night comedians, songs, movies, children’s cartoons, sitcoms, news media, and schools preaching liberalism and anti-American ideas.

    That is the battle.


  3. the journey along the road from above to below started on nov 5, 1889. the wyoming constitution was approved by voters, fundamentally changing the electorate. whether the change was good or bad, you can decide, but it was the first constitution in the world to give women the vote.

    please don’t jump up and down on my spleen. i’m not saying that the change was good or bad, you decide for yourselves. i am saying that the relationship of government to citizenry changed in a way that is usually ignored. even noticing the change is usually cause for cries of “sexism” or worse. my spleen already hurts.


  4. jw, that is hardly fair.

    Women didn’t invent communism, socialism, or start the War on Poverty.

    You want to live where women can’t vote then move to the Middle East.

    The problem is the culture and and educational system that emphasizes emotions over rational thought. Perhaps, women are more likely to allow emotions to sway their choices, but not ALL WOMEN. And that means conservatives need to use entertainment and other venues to reach peoples HEARTS and MINDS.


  5. @6 i didn’t say it was fair. i said it was true. in 1776 all the founding fathers were white males, of european extraction, highly accomplished and pledged “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” we have changed the electorate over the centuries. the most dramatic and long reaching change was wyoming in 1889. i don’t know what society would be like without the female vote. i am not advocating it and i never said i wanted to live in a society that didn’t have it.

    your “move to the middle east” statement is case in point. not even allowed to look at the issue.

    this is imao, a place to bring the funny. basil asked question. i answered, partially tongue in cheek, partially not. if you need “ALL WOMEN” to believe the same thing in order to validate the observation that the electorate changed, then i think you missed the point quite badly.

    but i need the funny at imao, for deep philosophy let us go elsewhere.


  6. jw, your post wasn’t funny. I’d love to see lots of funny posts.

    My point is conservatives need lots more humor to win HEARTS and MINDS. The moral case for conservatism needs to made in the entertainment field. Trying to pander to people or point the finger (middle or other) at a group of people won’t get you votes.


  7. Basil, just because something is offensive doesn’t make it funny.

    I wasn’t really  offended by jw’s post. I just disagreed with and apparently me disagreeing with his opinion was offensive to him and others . 

    Doesn’t bother me.

    And his post still just wasn’t funny. 


  8. Well, if you really want to get historical, here’s where it all went to hell:

    “Immediately after the Revolution most states retained some property requirements that prevented poor people from voting. Following republican logic, citizens were believed to need an economic stake in society in order to be trusted to vote wisely. If a voter lacked economic independence, then it seemed that those who controlled his livelihood could easily manipulate his vote.

    Ironically, just as industrial wage labor began to create dependent laborers on a large new scale, the older republican commitment to propertied voters fell out of favor. As property requirements for voting were abolished, economic status disappeared as a foundation for citizenship. By 1840 more than 90 percent of adult white men possessed the right to vote.”


    I don’t mind that women have the vote.

    I *do* mind that women (and men) who don’t own property have the vote.

    At the very least, no one should be allowed to both get a transfer-payment check from the government AND vote.

    Choose one.


  9. What Harvey said.

    In addition the voter should have a high school ed. or at least a solid course in government/econ. Plus it would not hurt if they had to pass the same kind of background check as Florida has to buy a gun since they have the possibility of doing more harm than they could do with a firearm.


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