2012 was the best…

As 2012 winds to a close, I want to tell you up front that it sucked.

2012 wasn’t a good year. All kinds of bad things happened. Obama began the year as president, ended the year as president, and will be president for the next four years. On the suck meter, that goes to eleven.

However, 2012 wasn’t all bad. The family grew. The newest member, my youngest grandson, is visiting these last few days of the year. Oh, sure, his parents came along for the ride. It’ll be that way until he learns how to drive. He should get a driver’s license when he turns 16 … in 2028.

So, yeah, there were some awesome things that happened in 2012.

Rather than close the year dwelling on all the really crappy stuff that happened, most of it involving Obama, let’s take a moment and think about the good stuff. I’m gonna go hold my youngest grandson while you spend some time sharing the good things that happened.

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2012?

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  1. Thanks, Basil, and congratulations on the new little herb. What a great picture.

    I was determined to be optimistic heading into 2012, and was rewarded with a Giants Super Bowl win, so things seemed to be looking up. A Met finally pitched a no-hitter, which after 50 years was pretty sensational. My wife got a long-overdue promotion, which was awesome. But for me, personally, everything that sucked in January sucks even more now.

    Maybe ’13 will be luckier.


  2. I had a son and got orders to go back to flying. Also visited my entire family for the holidays. Minus November and all of the baggage that comes with 2012 was a good year for crazyjetfamily


  3. The way things are looking, Basil, you’ll need a new suck meter for 2013… one that goes to 20 should be adequate.

    But there is some good news today. They found that Hillary’s brain is a blood clot pickled in alcohol.


  4. If one wants to put an optimistic spin on 2012…it can safely, and honestly, be said that the election results pulled away the figleaf of denial that fostered the belief that there are enough thinking, reasoning voters that can actually make a difference.

    Facing, and accepting, that bracing truth can allow us to proceed realistically as a boistrous, cantakerous minority, which the hip, goatee-sporting, Kardassian-obsessed electorate will treat like a sensescent grandparent in need of a diaper change and a renewal of their government-funded blood-pressure medicine prescription.



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