An Entire Amazing Original Sci-Fi Movie in 13 Minutes? Oh Yes, It Can Be Done

If Hollywood made this, they’d cast someone wildly inappropriate, like Tom Cruise, and pad it out to two hours with idiotic subplots.

This is some tight storytelling right here.

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  1. Meh. Another evil white corporate business man is the villain.

    Cause this is how all corporations get their R&D: by sending men in black with guns to kill research scientists at independent labs and steal their work.


  2. @5 – Well, that’s pretty much what you have to use.

    There’s maybe, what, 1 black CEO for every 1000 white ones, and only 1 CEO in a million is stupid, shortsighted, and murderously evil enough to do his R & D at gunpoint. So, yeah, statistically he’s more likely to be a white guy.

    Oh, and the other 999,999 non-murderous CEOs are too boring to make a film about,



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