Binders Full of Assault Weapons

Derek of Awesometific American [High Praise!] sent me this pic accompanied by the following comment:

What I am hearing from the left is that they don’t want teachers to carry guns. Since the teaching profession is mostly made up of women, they really just don’t want women to own guns. So my bet is if a Republican said that women shouldn’t own guns, then the Left would be all for guns.

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  1. As long as the guns don’t have to be pink.

    Why aren’t the Republicans charging that Democrats Hate Black (guns)?


  2. Speaking of assault, the Washington Huskies (my team – eats raw meat, big, brawny and growls a lot) are playing the Boise State Broncos (Frank’s team – eats horse food, pale, weak and spindly legs) right now in the Whatever Bowl. Where is Frank on this?



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