Bob Costas’s Mistake Was Thinking He Knew Anything Worth Saying

Posted on December 5, 2012 11:00 am

Bob Costas says that his anti-gun commentary in the middle of a game was a mistake, but then he goes on to say his view is that he’s okay with firearm ownership except for semi-automatic weapons. What do you think the chances are he actually knows what a semi-automatic weapons is or that most handguns these days are semi-auto?

It’s no wonder some people are so scared of guns when they’re absolutely so ignorant about them and spewing nonsense about “cop-killer hollow points” or whatnot. By far, most people are pro-gun and for individual gun ownership — and that’s something that’s only increased over the past fifty years. So the few left thinking that banning handguns is still an option or thinking the same tired gun-control talking points are something no one has heard before are necessarily extremely disconnected from normal people and quite ignorant. That will only increase. In the future, there will be even less pro-gun control people and they’ll be even dumber than they are now; they’ll probably believe guns just jump out of closets and shoot people by themselves or secrete some sort of chemical that makes anyone who touch them become murderous. It’s not an easy thing going into the ash heap of history; think of the people left who are blatant racists.

Liberty: People really like it, and you might want to try and understand why instead of ignorantly ranting against it.

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20 Responses to “Bob Costas’s Mistake Was Thinking He Knew Anything Worth Saying”

  1. jw says:

    so, if i can get my semi converted to full, costas is ok with it, right?

  2. Jimmy says:

    See, if they’re “semi-automatic,” it means they semi-automatically kill people. On their own. And that’s BAD, BAD!

    The only thing worse is an “automatic” weapon that automatically kills everyone until it runs out of bullets.

    There are times when a super automatic weapon (never runs out of bullets) would be handy.

  3. Iowa Jim says:

    Let’s see whether I, who have never in sixty years on this earth fired an actual gun (bb guns don’t count), know more about this than Bob Costas.
    The only important difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic weapon is that you can fire more shots without re-loading with the semi-
    automatic weapon (and perhaps even that isn’t true all the time).

  4. DamnCat says:

    If only Jovan Belcher had owned a .44 magnum, he and his girlfriend would still be alive today.

    And Bob Costas would still be a schmuck.

  5. CrustyB says:

    I’m OK with freedom of speech except it shouldn’t apply to Bob Costas.

    If he can make arbitrary exceptions to the Bill of Rights, so can I.

  6. Iowa Jim says:

    The idea that Jovan Belcher without a gun couldn’t have killed his girlfriend is also absurd. He was undoubtedly astonishingly fast, since he started at linebacker in the NFL. He bench-pressed 225 lbs nineteen times at the scouting combine. He wouldn’t have needed a weapon at all.

  7. 9vMojo says:

    Bob Costas: poster boy for ultracrepidarians!

  8. Marc says:

    I am thinking there is a section of the “I am for people owning guns, just not semi-automatic/assault guns” that would like to see gun ownership restricted to flintlock weapons only, and then make it hard to by powder and lead because one is a dangerous explosive and the other is a toxic heavy metal. Other than that you can own the flintlock because hey, if it was good enough for the patiots that won the American Revolution it should be good enough for you.

  9. Zaklog the Great says:

    “think of the people left who are blatant racists.”

    You mean like our president and his friends Jeremiah Wright, Joseph Lowery, and Eric Holder. (I’m sure the list is much, much longer, but those are all that came to mind immediately.)

  10. Brutus says:

    Remember when Costas came out against knives after his friend OJ Simpson when on a killing spree one night way back when? And then Costas excoriated the court system when there was a Not Guilty finding by the Jury and the evidence was ignored? Yeah, me neither. But if those had been semi-automatic (Ginsu) he would have!

  11. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    Would an Oster blender be considered a semi-auto bladed weapon?

    If so, does that mean bartenders, or poncey party hosts, have to then obtain open-carry permits before being allowed to make mixed drinks?

  12. Idahoser says:

    “think of the people left who are blatant racists.”

    You mean like our president and his friends Jeremiah Wright, Joseph Lowery, and Eric Holder. (I’m sure the list is much, much longer, but those are all that came to mind immediately.)

    racism is not going away! There are more every day! It’s just the old white males who are less racist than ever before. Every other group is getting worse.

  13. plentyobailouts says:

    @Iowa Jim — “Let’s see whether I, who have never in sixty years on this earth fired an actual gun” Aww dude! There is a support group for that. Its called SASS.

    Except for semi-automatic weapons. How convenient. Just when freankenfiendstien is rearing her ugly head again, the useless tools start using phrases like semi-automatic. Like they would know the difference between a bolt, a semi and a full auto weapon.

    Why is it some sfb black “person” commits a crime and a white person notices and mentions it, they are racist, but the sfb can say and do what they want? Oh yeah, marxism is kenyan for double standard.

  14. Zaklog the Great says:

    ^ Bunkerhillbilly, so does mixing cocktails, etc. for friends make one poncy? I like doing that, but I’ve never thought myself “poncy”. I could mix you a few good ones and see if that changes your mind.

  15. Stinson says:

    I’ve had a liberal tell me, seriously and without irony, that he is afraid a holstered pistol will backfire and cause shrapnel in its radius.

    I had no idea how to respond to that. It’s like talking to four year olds.

  16. Zaklog the Great says:

    ^ Stinson, I don’t know much about guns, but let me hazard a guess: It’s theoretically possible, but it’s about a hundred thousand times less likely than your car spontaneously bursting into flame.

  17. CTCompromise says:

    Has anyone considered that the enormous increase in prescribed drugs which the American people are using daily, and starting at very young ages, might very well have more to do with this subject than the access of guns? Access to guns has been around since America began. The prolification of prescribed narcotic drugs in almost every household, has not. Which do you think is more likely to be causing the increase in violence (of any kind) which we now see ?? We don’t “deal” with problems anymore-we just medicate the crap out of them. And the side effects of most of the drugs are scary-which is why they use such small print on the mandatory disclosures. The problem in so many cases is not the access to guns in our society. It is the underlying factor of the encouragement by our healthcare providers to the use of narcotics. This problem will only get worse under Obamacare because quick prescriptions provide a faster turnover of patients, as opposed to actually dealing with the problem. As soon as the patient says “pain”..give them a “script” and they’re both happy. Bonus:The longer the doctor keeps you on a prescription-the more “kickback” from the drug company! As for the side will get blamed on something else. People love doctors !

  18. Wombat says:

    It’s not guns, knives, drugs, baseball bats, hammers, swords, axes, tasers, lighters, combustible fluids, or panty hose that are the problem (well, panty hose are a problem, just not this one). The problem is people who for whatever reason/excuse think they are above the law/don’t think the law should/does apply to them, or simply don’t care. Inanimate objects simply do not go around doing anything without human direction (unless you’re stuck in a cheesy Disney movie, in which case all bets are off). At least, that’s why there is violence. As to why there is left wing idiocy, I’ve got my theories, but they’d probably hurt some poor little dimpled darlin’s feelings and of course we mustn’t have that.

  19. 4of7 says:

    Our founders knew that only a moral people would be capable of governing themselves.
    People who lack self-control invite government control.

  20. MoreCowbell says:

    @CTCompromise – I just wanted to point out that most of the time, one has to do a whole heck of a lot more than just say “pain” to get a “script”. The regulations have gotten so ridiculous, and doctors are afraid to prescribe anything because if our patient does something stupid and harms someone while on the meds we prescribed, we can be sued (it’s happening, at least in my area – people do not take their controlled substances as prescribed, pop a handful of Xanax and then get behind the wheel and kill someone, and the physician is served with a lawsuit. True story.)

    So legitimate chronic pain patients are seriously undertreated and are also regarded as lawless thugs, while addicts and dealers continue to get their illicit meds by whatever illegal means they have to employ. It’s like the old saying, “If they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”

    Also, doctors do not get “kickbacks” for keeping a patient on a medication for a certain amount of time, or even for prescribing a particular drug. The pharmaceutical companies aren’t even allowed to give us seven-cent pens anymore, for crying out loud, because someone decided it was unethical since it may influence someone’s prescribing practices. Okay … except, what? I’m sure there’s some underhanded stuff that goes on between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, but definitely not this doctor and not any of my colleagues, either. I just don’t want people to think that the drug or the length of treatment their M.D. has recommended has anything at all to do with pharmaceutical kickbacks, because that is the rare exception.

    Topic: Bob Costas is an idiot. That is all.

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