Building an army

A man from Florida has pled guilty to smuggling dinosaurs. Seven of them.

Yep, he had seven dinosaurs. Two of them at his home in Gainesville. I’ve been to Gainesville. Actually lived there for a few months. The thought of someone keeping two dinosaurs in a home there is a little disconcerting. Suppose they had got loose? Could you imagine the carnage?

Anyway, he had two in Gainesville, and five others in various places. As best as I can tell, he didn’t have any rocket launchers.

Which proves that dinosaurs alone aren’t enough. The feds will get you. Gotta have rocket launchers, if you want to build a proper army.

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  1. That’s why Sauron lost the War of the Ring. He told Saruman to build him an army worthy of Mordor, meaning dinosaurs with rocket launchers obviously. But Saruman went all cheap and made ugly guys with crossbows instead.

    It’s like when I asked my wife to make me an omelete worthy of Mordor, I meant one with lots of bacon in it. She just used lots of eggs and made an omelete the size of Mordor.


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