Can we get one of these for politicians?

The old joke is that if you don’t know what Web browser you’re using, then you’re using Internet Explorer. It’s funny because it’s true.

However, there are things about browsers, you browser in fact, that you may not know.

Lots of people use Chrome. It’s cross-platform (that means I can use it on my Windows machine as well as on my Mac) and is a pretty good browser. Not perfect, but it’s good.

Well, turns out that some developers have taken advantage of situations and have been installing extensions without the user’s full knowledge and consent. Kinda like, “Hey, trust me!”

Google, who makes the Chrome browser, is clamping down. Beginning with Chrome 25 (the current version is 23 as I write this), they won’t allow silent extension installations.

Previously, in Chrome, you had to install an app to see what all was with it. Kinda like Obamacare.

Well, with Chrome, the extensions will still be installed, but disabled with the option to remove them.

Kinda like what we need to do with Obamacare.

I do so wish someone had let the uninstall of Obama happen last month. If I found out who clicked cancel, there’ll be hell to pay!

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  1. lol…the vote counters in certain D districts clicked the cancel button! good luck getting through the thicket of union goons to go after those responsible, because they wont be named and will be protected to the hilt by those whose ends justify any means whatsoever.



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