Cartoon of the day – no guns

[Source: Mike Lester – GoComics]

Liberals and other defective thinkers seem to think that if we just pass enough laws and regulations, things will magically get better.

I’m not sure whose brains are more defective. Is it the person that decides to shoot up a school or a mall or, well, just anything? Or is it the person who thinks that someone who would shoot up a school or a mall would not dare break a law that bans guns?

Make no mistake: both types of brains are defective. Neither should be involved in making decisions for others.

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  1. When the two rectal orifices shot up Columbine High School, the lefties immediately started calling for more gun control laws. When it was pointed out to them that the two perps had broken over 27 federal and state firearms and explosives laws, and they were asked how one moer or a dozen more laws would have stopped them, pretty much the answer was, “shut up!”


  2. Gun Free Zones.

    Innocent victims aren’t even given the benefit of doubt. The criminals know, by all of the signs, that no one in the Zone will be armed. They also know that when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

    For whose benefit are these signs posted?



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