Cartoon of the day – spending

[Source: Lisa Benson – GoComics]

Taxes aren’t the major problem. They’re a problem, to be sure, not in the way liberals, Democrats, and others with defective thinking think.

Taxes don’t need to be raised. Spending needs to be cut. Drastically.

Obama and his crew, though, aren’t serious about cutting spending. Because it will cut “entitlements.”

Here’s a secret: people are not entitled to entitlements. The name itself is a lie. It’s a “feel-good” kind of thing that makes the economy feel bad. Heck, not just feel bad, but be in intensive care.

If we don’t cut spending, and cut it drastically, the patient won’t make it.

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  1. It’s almost as if Obama doesn’t actually want this country to succeed…oh…umm, that’s right. I forgot.


  2. “Here’s a secret: people are not entitled to entitlements.”

    Don’t try to tell that to those receiving them; they wouldn’t understand.

    An intersting example from the story of Jonah as he waited in the sun for Ninevah to fall. God gave him a tree for shade and then took it away.

    I like how Veggie Tales dealt with this in their movie. “Jonah was a prophet, but he never really got it.”

    Jonah, 4: 6-11

    6 Yahweh God then ordained that a castor-oil plant should grow up over Jonah to give shade for his head and soothe his ill-humour; Jonah was delighted with the castor-oil plant.

    7 But at dawn the next day, God ordained that a worm should attack the castor-oil plant — and it withered.

    8 Next, when the sun rose, God ordained that there should be a scorching east wind; the sun beat down so hard on Jonah’s head that he was overcome and begged for death, saying, ‘I might as well be dead as go on living.’

    9 God said to Jonah, ‘Are you right to be angry about the castor-oil plant?’ He replied, ‘I have every right to be angry, mortally angry!’

    10 Yahweh replied, ‘You are concerned for the castor-oil plant which has not cost you any effort and which you did not grow, which came up in a night and has perished in a night.

    11 So why should I not be concerned for Nineveh, the great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, to say nothing of all the animals?’


  3. What’s really sneaky is that some entitlements ARE entitlements, like when they take your money and promise to give back some of it later.


  4. well, we have to give it the correct name.

    dam if I can think of it off the top of my head though. I mean of course it’s welfare and theft and Robin Hood and all that factual stuff, but I mean, the left seems to be really good at coming up with incorrect names for things that just sound so dam right, like “Choice” and “Fair Share”, which of course neither of them is, but even the worthless Republicans incorrectly use their words, a surrender before the battle.

    So what IS the right name for this stuff that is incorrectly called “entitlements”?


  5. Plunder and Booty.
    To the Victor goes the Spoils.
    or (in the voice of a hysterical 3 year old)
    “MINE! MINE!! MINE!!!”


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