Cartoon of the day – unions

[Source: Lisa Benson – GoComics]

When I think unions and automakers, I think Michigan. And Michigan — particularly Detroit, home of the automakers — has had some serious troubles.

But, Detroit — and Michigan — aren’t the only places vehicles are made. Just up the road from Columbus, in West Point, Georgia, Kia makes vehicles.

There are other vehicles made in other states, of course, but I bring up Kia for a reason. Georgia is a right-to-work state. That is, you don’t have to belong to a union. You can be, but if you’re not, you aren’t denied the right to work.

Earlier this year, I was heading to work, and got behind a vehicle with a Michigan tag that had an Obama sticker on it. I ended up behind that vehicle all the way to the company parking garage.

That’s when I realized that someone from Michigan, where the policies of the left have made it so difficult to get or keep a job, had moved down south to work in Georgia. And, had brought their politics with them.

Those same politics that made unions so powerful and government so big and had brought the economy up there down? Yeah, they wanted to spread that around here.

Some people just don’t get it.

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  1. I hate that. I moved to Richmond, VA from upstate New York when I graduated college, because Virginia has a much more vibrant economy, and when I moved here I chose to embrace the economy, the culture, and the many reasons inherent in WHY virginia is thriving and new york is limping along. Plus the lower taxes. That rocks, let me tell you.

    But nearly every day I meet someone who has moved here, like I have, except they think there’s no reason the VA state govn’t needs to balance the budget (not understanding that’s why business moves here, because of the stability), or that we need stronger gun laws, or all sorts of other things that are antithetical to what has made Virginia great. It’s especially sickening when these people are from California or Chicago, and are trying to bring the same ideas that have destroyed those areas to such a great area. People today, especially my 20-30’s generation, don’t understand consequences of actions, and don’t respect how different actions in different states have led to different results. It’s infuriating when all these blue idiots move down to red states and say “hey, let’s destroy this state too! cali was way too much fun!”

    If I were dictator for a day, I would make a law that reinforced state identity and the 10th amendment. It would allow people to continue to move and live anywhere they wanted, and they would always be allowed to vote in federal elections regardless of where they moved, but for the first 3 years of residence in a new state, they would not be able to vote in any local or state elections. They need to do their time for the first three years to understand their new state, the culture of the state/community and how things are done there, before they are allowed to influence any kind of change.


  2. That’s what became of Vermont, and now New Hampshire. Jerks from Taxachusetts and New York moved there to escape the states they had ruined, and set right in to ruin the new ones.



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