Frank J. 2016: More Politicians in Prison

So “Plan B” didn’t work out, but I’m just having trouble getting pulled into the drama over the debate of exactly how much the government is going to fail to address the problem of the deficit. I remember a few days ago Obama saying he was meeting the Republicans half-way on spending, but the Republicans aren’t even a quarter of the way towards doing anything useful about the deficit. The debate is all in the margins of uselessness, so who cares.

Now, realistically, we should be throwing all these politicians in prison for treason for how they’ve treated our money. This is willing negligence that has weakened our nation, plus they keep acting like our money is there’s to do with as they please. And if we ever want them to stop, there has to be actual punishment to these politicians because they don’t really care as long as they can get reelected. So throw them in prison and confiscate all their wealth to be redistributed to the taxpayers they have hurt.

How do we do this? I don’t know the procedure for passing laws that will be harsh on Congress, because Congress is certainly not going to want to pass them. That’s why I’m running for president in 2016, as I will find a way to make Congress pay for all their crimes. I’ll use executive orders, drone strikes… whatever it takes to get get justice against our politicians. We really need the Congress to be in constant fear of its citizens; there is no safe seat where you can keep bring the voters with taxpayer money because there will be other methods to punish you than just the ballot box because your failure hurts more people than just your one moron district.

When the budget isn’t balanced, that’s treason. You go to jail. Preferably a prison colony in Antarctica.

Frank J. 2016: If the budget isn’t balanced, make sure you own a good winter coat.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t “Plan B” an abortion pill? This action by Boehner couldn’t be more appropriately named. From Reagan to Boehner…my, how the Republican party has fallen.


  2. Or, we could we could spend a couple of million building the world largest gallows on Capitol Hill, capable of hanging 535 people at once. We could even charge admission, and make some of that money back.


  3. @Rayfan

    London Bridge is actually now in Lake Havasu.

    While it might bum out a few spring-breaking college students, the display, upon said bridge, of the dessicating remains of treasonous politicians could give said collegians something to think about and discuss with their Poli-Sci profs upon their return to campus.

    Upon such bracing sights are memories made.

    Dude, that purple corpse in the middle there, naw, dude, fourth one in, man, that’s congressman so-and-so, aw man, that’s just so heinous looking, bet he wishes he hadn’t voted to raise tha debt limit, huh?



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