Frank J. 2016: What We Deserve

When I’m elected president, I don’t plan to give a lot of speeches because the job of the president isn’t to give everyone pep talks. Really, people, you’re adults; figuring everything out on your own. Still, I’m working on one speech for if I ever here people whining about the rich and how they have too much money.

This is a rich country. We are blessed with fortune and opportunity none of us had to work for; that came from the work of others. You should be grateful for that and work hard to try and earn what you were already given, but if instead your reaction is to whine about people who have more than you, then I do have something to give you: A fist for your stupid hippie face. Do you greedy little bastards really want to only get what you deserve? Because for most of you whiners, that means you starving the death. And I’ll also get something out of that: laughter.

Short and to the point; no reason to blab for hours.

Frank J. 2016: If you whine enough, I’ll give you what you deserve.

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  1. More slogan help:

    Frank J. 2016: I’ll give you something to cry about!

    Frank J. 2016: This hurts you! Doesn’t hurt me in the least.

    Frank J. 2016: Every time you punch a hippie, an angel gets his wings.

    Frank J. 2016: The J stands for Genius!

    Frank J. 2015: Too important to wait for 2016!


  2. If you whine enough, I’ll give you what you deserve… is the absolute best campaign slogan I’ve ever heard.



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