Full Video of Crowder Being Attacked

Steven Crowder has filed a police report and has now released more video of the attack (including from two different angles):

Large mobs of dumb, violent people are kind of scary.

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  1. I love the one union dolt’s claim that “You don’t have to join my union.” Hmmm…. Let me get this straight: He says workers don’t have to join his union in his state where workers were required by law to pay union dues, so he and his union ilk are mad that the law was changed to stop forcing people to pay dues to unions they didn’t want to belong to and to which he says they don’t have to join.

    The most dangerous thing in the world is not a pissed off U.S. Marine being loosed upon an enemy’s shore from the well deck of an amphibious assault ship. It’s a man bearing a union card whose mind stunted in the 8th grade.



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