How Do You Feel About Coexist Bumper Stickers?

Posted on December 3, 2012 4:00 pm

[High Praise! to The Gormogons and Matt, respectively]

Some people like ’em:

Some people don’t:

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15 Responses to “How Do You Feel About Coexist Bumper Stickers?”

  1. Genghis Khen says:

    I like them. It helps me know the person driving the vehicle is a moron.

  2. Tedwade73 says:

    I’ve always felt that the sentiment needs an “or else” at the end of it.

  3. Chip says:

    @Tedwade73…. Most things in life benefit from “Or Else’ being added to the end.

    Bacon… or else.

    Guns…. or else.

    Liberty… or else.

    And the best part? You can add so much to the conversation simply based on how you say it out loud.

  4. Genghis Khen says:

    Ha, I love using: Or else.

    For instance I tell my kids: “Work hard at school today, or else…”
    my kids: “Or else what?”
    me: “Or else work harder.”

  5. Mxymaster says:

    I hate them with the white-hot hate of a thousand suns. They are not targeted at those who wish to wipe out the others. They are meant to shut the rest of us up. I say it’s garbage, and the hell with it.

  6. Scott says:

    These, I wouldn’t mind hanging on the back of my car…

  7. Son of Bob says:

    Funny how the ones that are supposed to go out of their way to “get along” are always the ones that aren’t causing the problem.

  8. Mr Evilwrench says:

    The default ones make me want to punch the people who display them in the face. If they can coexist with being punched in the face, then they can have their stickers.

  9. TIMedWork says:

    Islam would see the rest of them beheaded; in that condition, coexistence is acceptable. What this bumper sticker ultimately says, is that there is no truth. All opinions are equally valid and therefore all religions, being equal, are merely opinions. No empirical truth involved. It is the ultimate atheist Trojan Horse.

  10. Wombat says:

    What I find interesting is how bloody rude a fair number of the folks displaying those stickers are (I have nearly been run over by a few of them). Though I would like to know exactly how they propose to coexist with those who do not recognize the right of others to exist.

  11. Writer says:

    Sadly, it is those who display such things that are least tolerant of differences or dissent.

  12. Solo4357 says:

    Ok I recognize The Death Star, Enterprise, Farscape “S” and Serenity, anyone help with the rest?

  13. Harvey says:

    @12 The X is from Babylon 5 and the I is from Dr. Who.

  14. jennelle says:

    it is really too bad so many of u have things against tolorance! What a shame we need to live in a world full of people who like to hit others in the face for displaying a sticker on their car which implies peace and tolorance. I am a christian and there for am not athiest but believe all religions are worth tolorating and getting along with. the sticker is a nice thought. Calm down people.

  15. Harvey says:

    Jenelle – you may be a Christian, but you’re also a chronic misspeller with painful naïveté regarding the conditions necessary for peace and tolerance to exist. I just want to punch you in the face for that.

    Also, hit the shift key once in a while. Typographical laziness is off-putting.

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