How Not To Be An Indian

[High Praise! to Tongue Tied]

Charlotte Casiraghi has become the latest public figure to spark anger for wearing a Native American costume.

The Monaco royal, 26, who chose the ensemble to participate in the Gucci-sponsored Paris Masters International Jumping Competition this weekend, was branded ‘ignorant’ and ‘racist’ by Tumblr users, many of whom appeared to be royal fans, judging by their usernames.


So… it’s only wrong to pretend to be an Indian if you don’t have blond hair?

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  1. The miracle is not that the votes elected a lying creep who spent most of her life in other states and all of her life slithering up the academic chain on phony race quota fulfillment. In Massachusetts they’d eat a Democrat who swallowed a live puppy on TV. The miracle is that Scott Brown was ever elected in the first place. Masswipes quickly corrected that error.

  2. So, basically, you can wear costumes that pay tribute to any nationality, etc. however, if you pay tribute to Indians by wearing their traditional garb you’re racist. Umm…okay. How long before Indians start crying in their firewater about being “ignored” when people no longer acknowledge their existence?

  3. Isn’t it weird how these useful idiots always seem to overstress the thing they think they’re required to say? I have never, in my entire life, in normal conversation heard a person refer to an INDIAN as “native American” (they are neither) OR called a black person “african American” (especially English people) and yet when you read these stories, you’d think it was normal language. Same with “global warming” which over night became “climate change” and they all seemed to update their language at the same time. It’s hard not to think it’s controlled somewhere, like half the population is human and the rest are mindless robots. By the way, I’ve never been there, what do people in Europe call black people? African Europeans?

  4. #5 NoMoBama – I had a colleague a few years back who was Turkish, but did his PhD work in England. He was from academe and I was repping for industry perspective at a gov’t agency. We were both soccer fans and the World Cup was in progress. He said, “It’s interesting. When I lived in England the entire team was white, now about 1/2 the players are African American.” I practically hurt myself laughing, and when he looked at me in a puzzled fashion, I said, “Abe, none of them are even American, let alone African American.” It just showed how the PC culture makes communication much more difficult (and funny).

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