I Think Everyone Here Will Go With the Second Option

[High Praise! to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

You had me at “gift of bacon”

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  1. Option the First makes no sense…is it the bespectacled person who draws offense (being poor at grammar either provocatively or accidentally)? Thus forcing a respondent to the second option. Or, is it a case of the scenario taking place during a discussion of the relative adiposity of the individuals resultant from an improper diet, with the one in the glasses using flashcards provided by Michele Obama?

    There is an unstated third option…consume the bacon and gently lead the Other of Significance to a thorough understanding of contractions in the English language.


  2. Jimmy, who’s to say that is a female wearing the glasses? No prominent secondary female characteristics being evident…it could be a pocket on that t-shirt.

    And what the HELL is going on with that person in the green vest? No eyes or eye sockets?!? Born in Chernobyl??

    So we have an androgynous person torturing someone visually impaired by way of physical defect…

    Here, Hawkeye, read this card for me, and maybe I’ll let you play sniff-for-the-bacon



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