If Only They’d Had a Priest With Them

In New York City, a zebra and a pony were spotted running along a busy roadway after they apparently escaped from a Christmas tree seller.

Am I the only one wondering what would’ve happened if they’d walked into a bar?

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  1. A zebra and a pony walked into a bar.
    The elephant bartender asked them, “What’ll you have?”
    “I’ll have an Obama martini, said the zebra. “With an olive.”
    “I’ll have what he’s having,” quipped the pony. “But I want it extra dry.”
    The bartender made the drinks and served them both.
    “This sucks!” cried the zebra.
    “I can’t drink this!” hollered the pony. “What is this crap?”
    “Drinks for asses,” replied the bartender.

  2. A zebra and a pony walk into a bar.
    They ask for a couple of beers.
    After the bartender serves the beers he tells them… “That’ll be ten dollars per beer.”
    “The zebra and pony pay up without a word.
    Then the bartender remarks…”You know, we don’t get many zebras and pony’s in here.”
    “Yep” replies the zebra and pony in unison, “And at these prices you ain’t gonna get many more.”

  3. A priest, a zebra, and a pony walk into a bar. The bartender says, “You guys look real down.”
    “It’s Obama,” said the priest. “He’s trying to force my church to pay for abortions. The media is trying to make me look like a bad guy, while he’s trying to destroy the freedom of religion.”
    “It’s Obama,” said the zebra. “Ever since a half-white half-black guy got elected president, I’m considered racist just for existing. Oreo cookies, too.”
    “It’s Obama,” said the pony. “I’m actually an Irish Wolfhound in a pony suit.”

  4. People, people…it’s a Hasidic Rabbi a zebra and a pony walk into a bar…

    The priest walks into a bar accompanied by pelican and a capybara. And the punchline to that joke is “Hey, man, I didn’t know they were exchange students, the pelican didn’t open a mouth!”

    Everybody knows that!

  5. A zebra and a pony trot into a bar.
    The priest, (who was already in the bar), said ” Faith and Be Gorrha’ !! I heard hoof beats behind me, but I didn’t know if I was wrong to look for a zebra, when I should just expect a horse”.
    A “Regular Joe: at the bar replied, “Hey, Fadda” … You took a vow of poverty… Between you, and me, that means….we oughta’ give you both of them. Afterall we’re both of the same faith….uhhm….Catholic… (right?)”
    And with that, the vice president walked out into the pale sunset, which was looming over the cliff.
    His secret service guards couldn’t get the girls off their laps in time to save him.


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