Is ‘Racist’ the New N-Word?

They’re both shorthand ad hominem attacks to paint your opponent as less than fully human, and to imply that said opponent’s arguments, however logical or fact-based they may be, are unworthy of consideration because of who they’re coming from.

Perhaps, as decent, cultured folk on a PG-13 blog, we should censor this obscenity.

I’d suggest “rac!st”

Or, if you’re feeling particularly sensitive, “®@¢!$#”

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  1. Yeah, it’s a great way to shut down a discussion. After all, those “racists” are barely human.

    It’s also a case of burden of proof on the accused. A liberal slinging the word “racist” at a conservative doesn’t need to provide any actual evidence. Instead, it’s dependent on the accused to provide evidence to the contrary.

    Of course, to anyone who’s willing to look at the evidence, the most prominent racist in America today is our fearful leader Barack Obama.


  2. In that context, doesn’t it mean that we racists can call each other racists, but outsider non-racists cannot use the word, ever, in any context what-so-ever?

    Making up racist club cards frantically. OK if I just glue Obama’s portrait over the Turtle on this card I already have?
    To be a racist, you just have to answer a few questions without thinking impure racist thoughts …..


  3. I will appeal to less biased side of the politically correct. If an intellectual sights an african-americans ideas, he is a hero and a great thinker. If a right-wing whacko refers to anyone of power’s policies as incorrect they are of course a racist.
    /crazy moonbat marxist

    “They’re both shorthand ad hominem attacks to paint your opponent as less than fully human,”

    So let me get this straight. If a black person, hispanic person, woman, Asian, or a white person thinks that armed theft by government is wrong, they are a rac!st. If a lunatic marxists thinks that blacks, hispanic, women, and mooseslimes cannot function without their assistance, they are politically correct. Is that it? I am so confused. I think I will take a barry and read Mad magazine. culturist!



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