Is there an app for that?

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There’s now an app where you can report crimes in Marion, Virginia. It’s called iWatchMarion.

Now, don’t go being all silly and downloading it and then reporting a bunch of crazy stuff. First, that’s the wrong thing to do. And, if that’s not a good enough reason, keep in mind that it knows where you are. Yes, it tracks the person that submits the report!

Because iWatch Marion uses global positioning technology, the system intelligently forwards information to the Howard County Police Department based on where the handheld device is physically located at any given moment.

Yeah, this whole “See Something, Say Something” thing kinda bothers me. Oh, sure, I have no problem with neighborhood watch programs. One got Trayvon Martin off the streets, after all. But anything from the Department of Homeland Security — one of the most useless government departments, if not the most useless — can’t be all good. Or any good.

In fact, the maker of this app has a whole series of similar apps for different areas. And, like I said, something about it bothers me.

But, having said that, I do like the idea of reporting criminal activity. Where’s the iWatchObama app?

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  1. The AttackWatch app not only allows you to dime-out those who are not in line with The Leader’s Brilliant Ideology, but you also get some neat cheatcodes for Angry Birds and Minesweeper.


  2. so, simply using the P H O N E to C A L L the cops isn’t good enough? Seems a whole lot quicker too…..

    My newest phone can get messages directly from The Dear Leader and you can NOT turn it off, it also activates the GPS if you call 911, even if you have it turned off, like any sane person does. Of course it just tells you it’s off……

    Here in fake indian land, they want to put a chip in your inspection sticker to charge you a tax per mile….even though they already know your mileage every year when you get the plain old paper sticker. Hmmmmm now why would they need to plant a tracker on your car if all they want to know is the mileage….that they already know?


  3. Where’s the iWatchObama app?

    It had a headache and a concussion and low blood sugar and it’s probably that time of the month.

    In the meantime you can download the iWatchEricHolder app… oh wait… 404 not found.


  4. In the old days, we called the cops when it was all done and they came and picked up what was left of the bad guy. Now, they call cops and wait for the cops to come and pick up what’s left of the good guys. The old way makes a lot more sense.



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