It’s Like Gumby, Except Bacon!

[High Praise! to ThinkGeek]

Mr. Bacon wants to be your friend. He wants to sleep near you and read everything you read and share your breakfast. He wants to try on your clothing and meet your pals and grow old together with you. Just one thing, though: don’t piss off Mr. Bacon. Because tucked into his fat folds, Mr. Bacon has a little knife and he’ll cut you. Just kidding, of course; Mr. Bacon loves you. And you’ll love your Bendy Mr. Bacon right back.

Each Bendy Mr. Bacon has bendy arms and legs, so you can pose him in oh so many ways. He’s great fun to play with – simple, childlike fun where imagination can take the two of you anywhere. Bendy Mr. Bacon is much more hygienic than playing with regular bacon, too. Oh, and . . . wait, Mr. Bacon just left the room (he was reading this over our shoulder). Seriously, don’t piss him off. He’s been holding us hostage for the last two wee . . . Oh, hey Mr. Bacon. No, we were just telling them how nice you are. Bendy Mr. Bacon – get one now. Or else.

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