Link of the Day: Pictorial Essay – Stuff Obama Says While Playing Monopoly

[High Praise! to The Looking Spoon]

Stuff Obama Says While Playing Monopoly

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  1. -Hey Sandra Fluke, get that “Commmunity Chest” deck off your blouse and put it back on the board so we can keep playing the game!


  2. In order to stimulate the economy, I am using all of the Community Chest money to purchase Boardwalk and Park Place and give them to some friends at Goldman Sachs.


  3. Where’s my hammer and sickle piece?

    Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky Avenues properties (Red Border Properties!) are the only properties Conservative Republicans may own. RINOs may own any property if they promise to raise taxes.

    If you rigged an election for Obma or if you are in a union, the following doesn’t apply to you:
    You may not build a hotel. Also…
    You may not own a Railroad unless you hire union help, pay %50 of RailRoad earnings to the player with the union piece.

    We are going to add a Community Chest card called “ObamaCare”. It reads “Pay health taxes, pay 1/2 of all of your cash or Goto Jail.”

    Any African-America player having voted for me (Obama) gets a life time “Get Out of Jail” card.

    Before starting, all white players must pay slavery reparations. They forfeit 1/4 their starting funds to the black player having the Jesse Jackson piece. (Or to any liberal player having the RainBow Coalition piece.

    If you are a black Muslim and using the spaceship piece, you may elect not to roll the dice. You may elect to
    ‘be beamed up’ to the GO (MotherShip) square. You may do this twice a game at your choosing.

    If the game is video taped, the official version will always show Obama winning. Highlights at 11 with Chris Tingles-Down-My-Leg.

    No game may start until the Pledge To Obama has been given:
    Praise be to Obama Most High.
    May he wield the mightily Tax Axe.
    May he hit a Hole-In-One on Saturday (or at least be deemed to have hit a Hole-In-One.)
    And may he rule ForEver!

    Given that Obama is the smartest man ever, he will be awarded an extra $1000 to start.

    Any Jewish player must relinquish his property to any Palestinian player on demand.

    We are going to add a new Chance Card titled “Tax The Rich”. When this card is drawn, all white players must pay 45% of their worth to Obama.

    Park Place is renamed Wall Street. And…We are going to add a new Chance Card titled “You Are Occupied”.
    If any player (other than Obama) owns Wall Street, then filthy hippies have occupied you, pay $2000 clean up costs. (To Obama)

    The Electric Company was a coal fired power plant that has been put out of business by the Greens. Treat it as a blank square.

    All black players get $100 when stopping on Free Parking.

    We are adding a new Community Chest Card titled ‘You are a racist!”. If you draw this card and if you are white pay $50 to each black player. This card is reshuffled back into the Community Card deck and never expires.

    We are adding a new Chance Card titled “Create A Gown for Michelle”. Role one die. On a 1, 2 or 3 you failed to leave enough room for her butt. You Loose. Leave now. On a 4, 5 or 6 the dress was a hit. Tax payers pay up. Get $725 from each player to fund the dress and another $1500 from each player to send her on a new vacation. (Obama is exempted from this.)



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