Link of the Day: Second Amendment – Liberal Style

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A Public Service Announcement: Know Your Guns Before Banning Them


Imagine… you are conceal carrying your 18th century musket rifle, and all of a sudden a bad guy shows up and points a gun at an old woman on the streets. And so you, being the hero that you are, whip out your musket and take a shot at the bad guy…but you only graze him. So he turns his gun towards you, very angry now. So, to take control of the situation, since you don’t have a semi-automatic weapon, you:

1. Convince the bad guy to pause for about 30 seconds.
2. Add some powder to your musket, pouring it into the muzzle.
3. Pack a charge into the barrel and tamp it down tightly.
4. Cock back the firing arm, raise the rifle and aim.
5. Tell the bad guy “game on!”, and then try and shoot him again.

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  1. That’s how I fended off a home invasion once. I came downstairs to find the burglar who pointed a gun at me. I shouted, “TIME OUT!” He froze where he stood until the police came.

    See? We don’t need guns! All we need are time outs!

    *sticks fork in electrical socket*


  2. Reload in thirty seconds? That guy is good – I couldn’t load my kit Kentucky muzzle loader faster than a minute, and that was back when I was shooting it quite often, and it used percussion caps to boot.



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