Link of the Day: When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State

[High Praise! to Zero Hedge]

When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State

For weeks now, Dennis Miller has been saying that if you make $40K-45K a year, you should just quit your job and go on the dole. According to the chart at the link above, he’s right.

When busting your hump pays the same as sitting on the couch, why bust your hump?

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  1. As a hump-busting, self-employed engineer, I would rather live in the woods and eat roots than accept one dime from any level of government. My life is none of their damn business.


  2. That last italicized bit pretty much sums it all up, and is exactly why the Pres wants guns out of the hands of the general populus. Once we’re unable to stop them in any way, our lives are theirs.


  3. If it takes 1.65 person working to provide for 1 welfare recipient I think the least the government can do is give you a picture of the person you are supporting and have then write letters to you so they can tell you all the wonderful things they are doing with their money. You know, put a human face on the whole welfare things. Maybe get a celebrity to cut a commercial.

    “This is Shaniqua. Shaniqua lives in a project in Chicago. Last week one of Shaniqua’s boyfriends threw her iPhone through the screen of her 47inch plasma screen TV in a fit of rage. Tragically Shaniqua’s six children have no way to play their XBox and are forced to play their Nintendo DS systems while she worries how she is going to be able to text all her friends. With your generous and forced donation you can help get Shaniqua the necessities of life. Manicures, free healthcare, better food than you, constant entertainment and help enable her next boyfriend to sit on his ass all day playing Grand Theft Auto. Act now, our agents are standing by to confiscate your money now.”



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