Man of Steel

It’s the trailer for the new Superman movie!

After viewing it, my status is now “Hopeful.”

Now, Ace seemed to freak out about this trailer saying that comic book movies all need to aim at a specific light tone, but he is so wrong on this that he should now question all his political views since they come from the same brain.

Now, Superman should not be dark. He’s not Batman; he’s not into heroism because his parents were tragically murdered. But treating him as a real human seems like a good idea after that ponderous Bryan Singer Superman where he was like this demigod. And I agree with Allahpundit that if we’re talking about someone for truth, justice, and the American way, he should be a little grim these days.

Superman is actually pretty hard to do good stories for because he’s often portrayed as so nigh invulnerable, but it can still be done and my favorite characterization of him is when he’s made as sort of an opposite of Batman. For Batman, he is Batman and Bruce Wayne is just a mask he wears. But Superman is a mask that Clark Kent wears, because deep down Superman is this good guy from the midwest who fights evil not for vengeance, but out of optimism. Now, you can put some grit around it, but I hope there is still that optimism which the trailer does hint at (he seems to say he doesn’t fear how the world will react to him the way his father did).

So, maybe the movie will get this right, and Zod is the villain and he should do nicely. Still, I wish it had Lex Luthor in it… not necessarily as the villain but just around. I really want to see the lawful evil businessman portrayal of him on the big screen opposed the criminal buffoon that Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey portrayed him as.

One other reservation, I really like Amy Adams, but don’t you need someone tougher for Lois Lane? Lois Lane was about the only thing the Smallville series did perfectly.

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  1. I’m afraid there’s only so many variations on spandex. Texture was inevitable.

    The problem with going for realism in superhero movies is that the producers have to have a firm grasp on morality and its subtleties for it to work. It’s the same reason why they can’t write a good Luthor. They don’t understand his moral complexity. I also think that audiences overlook more flaws when the tone is light.

    But I was disappointed that the Batmans weren’t realistic or dark, so maybe I ask too much. I’d expect the Dark Knight to be more like Liam Neeson in the first Taken.

    Fear of exposure and questioning faith in humanity is a decent start for Supe, though. It’s tough when you’re nigh indestructible. I’d expect arrogance to be a more common moral flaw of his. Why is Supe so humble while so powerful? There’s a good story there.



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