Math Is Coming

In my new PJ Media column, I warn that Math is coming.

Right now the Republicans and Democrats are hotly debating which of their two wholly inadequate plans we should use to avoid the fiscal cliff, but looking at the size of the deficit, they’re proposing different-sized Band-Aids where a tourniquet is needed. If you point this out, you’re called a Tea Party extremist who wants to throw old people off a cliff and deny underprivileged Ivy League law students free birth control. “You silly person. Budgets don’t have to balance. That’s just a superstition.”

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  1. Of course the Math is coming.
    The reason so many Lefties get Liberal Arts degrees is so they do not hasve to face the ugly realities, facts and consequences of their actions.
    They want to leave them, and the blame for them being necessary on the EVIL conservatives.
    Besides, having no bills to pay except student loans means they don’t know how to Priorize.



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