Maybe he just wants his stapler

So, Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, who resigned in the aftermath of the Benghazi massacre is still working for the State Department? That’s what one report says.

Maybe he’s like Milton from Office Space who was laid off but kept coming to work.

Nah, that would mean it’s a comedy of errors.

And there’s nothing funny whatsoever about what happened in Benghazi.

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  1. -Maybe the stomach flu which kept Hillary from testifying because it gave her a concussion and amnesia is going around the office.
    -Maybe he thought he re-signed like sports players do at this time of year.
    -Maybe he just can’t get enough of those $16.00 muffins.
    -Maybe he’s just trying to do penance by spending more time around Hilary.
    -Maybe he’s just an idiot.


  2. He’s just following union rules. When you do something wrong, you get “suspended with pay” for a few months then you develop a ‘disability’ and retire at 47 making more then you did when you ‘worked’.



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