Maybe We Can’t Save the Country, So Let’s Focus on Vengeance

Posted on December 6, 2012 11:00 am

Jim Geraghty has a great idea: If we’re going to have tax hikes, let’s structure them so they hit hardest the already high-taxed blue states. Elections have consequences, and thus supporters of Obama need to suffer immensely. They need to wail and gnash their teeth while we sit back and laugh and laugh and say, “You elected your Democrats; now choke on them.” Yes, give them what they voted for and thus make them watch everything they love burn. Yes, you fools, you voted for free stuff, and what you also get free is misery and despair. And soon the red states will have to build walls on their borders — not just to keep out the blue staters trying to flee but to also block out the sound of their constant, anguished cries. “Mercy!” they’ll scream, but we’ll tell them, “We offered you help in the 2012 election, and you spat at it. Mercy is dead. Only vengeance remains.” Yes, the streets will be extended gutters and the gutters will be full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and we’ll look down and whisper “No.”

So I support Geraghty’s idea.

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12 Responses to “Maybe We Can’t Save the Country, So Let’s Focus on Vengeance”

  1. blastit says:

    You need to read zerohedge 😉 As odd as it sounds, this is already happening…BY DESIGN!

    Now where’s the Obama voter fraud t-shirts hehehe

  2. Mxymaster says:

    Come on, I’m stuck in New York. Doesn’t this meet the Abraham Genesis 18:16-33 Ten Righteous Men test? There must be nine more. There HAVE to be.

  3. Peregrine John says:

    Sorry, dude. Sodom couldn’t manage it, with a much smaller populace, and by scale you’d probably need a couple thousand to stop the Holy Nuke.

    I heard a couple right-leaning talk show guys arguing about this, this morning (the vengeance thing, not the righteous thing). One was saying that everyone trying to stick it to the other side was the cause of the problems, but totally not listening to the other guy’s point, which was that until the morons who voted for all this crap actually feel the effects of their dumbassery, they will not listen to any sort of reason. Not that reason will have anything to do with their eventual conversion to less stupid positions, but bringing the pain home is the only way their extraordinarily short-sighted decision making processes will gain any sort of comprehension.

  4. Conservadude says:

    Can the Illinois wall just encompass Chicago?

  5. zzyx says:

    Maryland, Mass, NY, NJ, and Conn are the highest taxed states in the nation and all went for Obama. So I don’t think you can tax them enough to ever get them to “wail and gnash their teeth”. If they aren’t wailing and gnashing now, they never will, no matter how high their taxes go. Their residents are a perfect example of…”stupid is as stupid does”.

  6. Silverfiddle says:

    Oh yeah! Obama’s tax hikes will fall predominately upon his own blue state voters:

  7. Ernie Loco says:

    While this sounds like a good idea, Geraghty’s actual suggestions are to raise taxes on the highest income bracket (over $398k/year) and eliminate or means test the home mortgage deduction and state income tax deduction. His reasoning is that it will hit blue states the hardest since they have the highest incomes, state taxes, and property values.

    This is true, but it would also hit people in red states hard as well. Personally, I’m in favor of eliminating the home mortgage deduction, but I don’t think that feeling is widespread even in the Republican party. (And I’m going to keep claiming it on my taxes every year as long as it exists.)

  8. blastit says:

    Speaking as a ct resident – the unions here own the elections. My grandfather used to be a union guy, my granmother used to go apeshit about the unions calling them every time there was an election and telling them how important it was to vote in lockstep. And if that’s not good enough, there’s enough corruption that TPTB will take care of it, if they have to, like in 2010 where they stole the ct governor election for Malloy. Foley had that one in the bag until they counted Bridgeport, where our secretary off state ordered about 30% of the necessary ballots, then wound up finding garbage bags full of votes after the polls closed.

    Like I said, Iraq’s votes last year, year before, with the purple thumbs….they were far more secure than our rigged sham we got here. If its anywhere near close then they make sure to obscure the right places and done, they have their result.

  9. Mike in OH says:

    While I agree with this proposal in principle, I don’t think Obama voters possess the self awareness that would connect their votes with the bad stuff coming (or even what’s already here). It’s pretty obvious some of them actually believe the Money Fairy is going to save us.

  10. CTCompromise says:

    @8: blastit has it right ! CT pays high taxes on everything: one of the highest gas taxes in the country, 6 1/2% sales tax on just about everything we buy-in addition to a state income tax .. Most jobs in the state are in a “closed shop” workplace. You MUST either join the union, or just have union dues taken out of your paycheck anyway. We have a welfare system and a Dept. of Children and Families which are so short staffed, so short on morale that the abuses of the system (by workers and clients) are unpunished. We have extremely wealthy areas where many of the Hollywood Celebs live (i.e. David Letterman, Susan St. James, Kevin Bacon/Kyra Sedgwick, Michael J. Fox/Tracy Poulan, Harry Connick jr/Jill Goodacre….etc.etc.etc.) But CT also has several cities which appear to be trying to emulate Detroit. Cities controlled by very serious gangs, especially after dark. Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury…and the list keeps growing. These cities are run by, and for, the government checks and entitlements. Every drug dealer has their Obamaphone so they can “find work”. We, the middle class, lose every election to these two groups by a landslide. It’s not for lack of trying on our part-but, as blastit said, IF by some chance a Republican appears to have won, there is some “Mulligan” called, and surprisingly…the Democrat ends up winning! As a citizen of CT, I feel that I already have lived with what the rest of the country is just starting to:The Dreamers who believe that if we take care of all the poor folks for a little while- they will suddenly have pride in themselves and they will all want to go out and get educated, and get a job !!!! * And then there are those “poor, downtrodden, unfortunates” who would sooner take a bath than get a job. No job would match the “salary” they are making on welfare when you add in all the benefits (and abuse), and it would cut into their drug selling or drug using time. Everywhere you go in our state, you can hear them laughing at us…especially if you’re near the casinos!

  11. Writer says:

    When they beg for water, we serve them vinegar.

  12. blastit says:

    It was all I could do to restrain myself a few years ago when I had to sit through the wife’s grad at CCSU, with Lowell Weicker taking the opportunity to tell us all how he made the “hard choice” to introduce the sales tax in CT (presumably because figuring out what to cut out of spending was not a good idea)…then drone on about the Iraq war…and this was what 2009 LOL…

    I really wanted to throw something at him, but I didnt want to embarrass her – although her parents probably would have clapped, they were sitting there going wtf is this guy droning on about and what does it have to do with a graduating class???

    hey, when you have bully pulpit…

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