NYPost: It’s Unfair to Expect Obama to Nominate Competent, Honest People

I have a new column in the New York Post on the odd controversy over Susan Rice. Are the Republicans really trying to say she especially incompetent and dishonest for an Obama nominee, because that’s a really extreme charge that should be back by lots of evidence.

Just look at his first Cabinet to see how out-of-the-blue this demand for competency is. He has a treasury secretary who couldn’t figure out how to pay his own taxes. His attorney general leads a Justice Department that somehow thought selling guns to Mexican drug cartels would have good results.

Then there are Obama’s secretaries of commerce, who were supposed to be promoting job creation and economic growth — who in the world knows what they’ve been up to these past four years?

Really, looking at the administration as a whole, Obama did better than we could have expected by appointing only one czar who was a Communist truther.


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  1. “The more crooks you surround youself with, the less crooked you appear to be.” – The only MATH democrats know how to do!



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