Pity Liberals Who Have to Struggle With This Question

[High Praise! to Sondrakistan]

Some amateur herbalist in CO gets happy on his government-approved grass, gets behind the wheel of his Plymouth Valiant to hit up 7-11 for Doritos and Yoo-Hoo, and plows into a school bus.

In the mind of a prog, which actor is responsible for this tragedy: the weed, the car, or the Doritos?

Now, if he were driving a Volt, the answer would be Doritos because GM ain’t got enough money to pay off big in a lawsuit.

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  1. Son of Bob, you actually are 100% correct. Last June some kid plowed into the back of a school bus while breaking laws, and there was a push to add a safety bumper below the regular one like on tractor trailers.



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