Random Thoughts: C.S.I. Thoughts

I like the Assassin Creed series, about the weird guy from The Office going on a killing spree.

“These deer weren’t shot by a hunter; they were killed execution style.” -C.S.I. National Parks

So are people done telling the President how much they need their $2000 so he won’t throw a tantrum and take it away?

“You cannot make men good by law.” ::put on sunglasses:: “And without good men you cannot have a good society.” -C.S.I. Lewis

How did people emphasize a point before the invention of sunglasses?

This is so obvious I don’t know why I need to mention it, but if you’re a company lobbying for fracking, hire a BSG star as your spokesman.

Wrote “ain’t got nothing” in GoogleDocs and it corrected “nothing” to “nothin”.

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