Random Thoughts: Common Sense Gun Control

We’ll ban all guns with flames painted on the sides because that makes the gun more deadly. #CommonSenseGunControl

The DoJ should go door to door confiscating everyone’s guns and then sell them to Mexican drug cartels. #CommonSenseGunControl

We should ban military-style guns and pants. #CommonSenseGunControl

Put larger print on “Gun Free Zone” signs. #CommonSenseGunControl

Mandated googly eyes on all guns to make them less scary looking. #CommonSenseGunControl

All assault weapons must be paired with an apepper weapon. #CommonSenseGunControl

We can use their gun ignorance against them. Like we could agree to banning high capacity clips.

I’m all for freedom except when it gets scary.

The left are threatened by black Republicans because minorities with varied political views are confusing and scary to them.

How can you have a lot melanin in your skin and not be pro-tax? It makes no sense.

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  1. The left are threatened by black Republicans because there’s nothing they find scarier than a brother with a gun.

    We can use their gun ignorance against them. Ban automatic revolvers!


  2. Some talking head on the radio just made mention that more people die from guns every year than have ever died from terrorism. There was some more blah blah while he made it around to how much we spend on preventing terrorism and that is when I realized he was an idiot and a genius at the exact same moment! An idiot for trying to say we need to start a “war on guns” but a genius for pointing out that the money spent on DHS and its related agencies is useless and they should be defunded immediately!

    The same talking head went on to mention a ban on Assault Weapons. I keep hearing those words used in the context of guns and I finally figured out what they are on about…. when your riffle is out of ammunition you can then use it as a club. It makes sense…. what did the bad guys do with their guns when they were shooting at Superman? As soon as they ran out of bullets they threw their empty gun at him.


  3. All men and women of able mind and body shall be required to train in the safe and effective use of small arms. #CommonSenseGunControl

    There shall be, at every school, at least one officer of the school trained and proficient in the use of small arms, which will be kept available in the event an armed intruder gains access to the school. #CommonSenseGunControl

    Liberals shall be kept as far as possible from any armaments whatsoever (They are not of sound mind. If they were, they’d be conservatives.) #CommonSenseGunControl


  4. You know where this all will lead…pastel colored and sparkly sidearms and long guns. I think the Left would be OK with effeminate weaponry. Because, right now, guns look too icky-scary butch to your average Lib.


    Summer Glen pump-action shotgun with clover-scented flechette rounds? Thumbs up.

    The Rainbow-Unicorn .50 cal, belt-fed machinegun? Cool with them.

    Easy Bake Home Defense Flame thrower, in your choice of rosepetal, mauve, or peach? Not a problem.



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