Random Thoughts: Empty

Posted on December 11, 2012 9:41 am

I had no thoughts, random or otherwise. I have failed you. Any of you have any thoughts? Probably about Christmas. Who care about politics when it’s near Christmas; I want Santa to bring me presents. Buttercup was too scared to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for presents so that probably means more presents for me.

So what do you want for Christmas?

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15 Responses to “Random Thoughts: Empty”

  1. CapitalistB says:

    A balanced federal budget of course

    I’d even be willing to give up ever seeing funny here again for THAT (which is like saying your blog is worth a trillion bucks or so … )

  2. Iowa Jim says:

    permanent resident status in Canada

  3. CTCompromise says:

    A SantaPresident who only “gives away the store” once a year !

  4. FormerHostage says:

    To defeat my enemies, see them driven before me, and listen to the lamentation of their women!

    Or a pony.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I think the last time I wanted something for Christmas, I was 12 and it was a new pair of skiis.

    But come to think about it, I’d gladly accept CapitalistB’s present.

  6. HokieGomer says:

    “I want Peace on Earth and good will towards men.” as asked by Irwin “Whistler” Emery to the CIA

  7. zzyzx says:

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

  8. DamnCat says:

    You have to ask?

  9. Son of Bob says:

    DamnCat, Only good kitties get tuna. And, there’s no such thing as a good kitty.

  10. James says:

    You can’t beat a book about bacon pretending to be about erotica. Just sayin.


  11. Dohtimes says:

    We all want to see the pic of you on Santa’s lap.

  12. teh dude says:


  13. Writer says:

    Peace on Earth-
    unfortunately this is unattainable with Hippies and Socialists in the mix.
    Remember-Keep America Beautiful-Hang a Socialist
    (remember-the only crime is Littering if you don’t dispose of the body in a dumpster)

  14. Rick says:

    A big raise, my own office, and a cute little redheaded secretary with a liberal attitude toward employer/employee romance.

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