Random Thoughts: Grr! NRA!

Reasons there are few black Senators is there are few black Republicans and black Dems tend to be unelectable outside of certain districts. Barack Obama would be a notable exception to that.

Teach proper gun usage in school so people aren’t so mystified and terrified of them.

People don’t support gun rights because the NRA is so powerful; the NRA is so powerful because people support gun rights.

All you people focusing your ire on the NRA are useless idiots. You’re not going to stop one criminal doing that.

Unless you’re going to enforce it with armed guards and metal detectors, gun free zones make people less safe.

We need a national discussion on how the “assault weapon” ban was useless and did nothing.

It’s not a “reasonable restriction” if it keeps me from carrying a reliable firearm anywhere I or my family might be vulnerable.

Reasonable Restriction: Our federal government shouldn’t sell guns directly to Mexican drug cartels.

I know the cartels are going to get guns anyway, but it still seems unnecessary.

Not to sound sexist, but it’s stupid to be a woman who lives alone and not own a gun.

Compromise idea: Only women are allowed to own guns.

The GOP should promote a pro-woman policy of making sure more women have guns.

Pushing for gun bans could result in a civil war. And a civil war between those with guns and those without would be pretty lopsided.

They’re not really “fully-automatic” since they still require you to pull the trigger.

That fact we even have to explain why gun confiscation won’t work shows how many people don’t take this seriously.

You know how we clapped our hands and said we believe in fairies to save Tinkerbell? Maybe if we did the opposite of that for guns.

Why would they release movie trailers on the internet only in Apple’s stupid Quicktime format? What is the thinking behind that?

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  1. “Compromise idea: Only women are allowed to own guns.” I have one word to prove that would be a bad idea: PMS.
    Now I’ll duck and hide from ticked off, PMSing women everywhere. 😀


  2. Guess he wasn’t fluffy enough.

    Obama climbed out of the house district unelectable quagmire by getting judges to release sealed records on his opponents. After that, it was all our own fault.


  3. “People don’t support gun rights because the NRA is so powerful; the NRA is so powerful because people support gun rights.”

    It can’t be noted enough how many of the politicians and millionaires that are calling for banning more guns for the rest of us have armed security.


  4. Schools would be safer if we enacted accidental firearms discharge by law enforcement personnel teaching gun safety zones that we occasionally read about.


  5. Maybe if Tinkerbell was packing a Colt .45 she could have saved herself and we would have all been clapping for a different reason..



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