Random Thoughts: National Treasure

Posted on December 10, 2012 9:31 am

The average person treats monopoly money more seriously than Congress and the President treat tax dollars and the federal budget.

“I see what you did there.” -God

Did we ever get revenge on Japan for Pearl Harbor?

The Founding Fathers wrote gay marriage in the Constitution from the beginning but hid it in a way only Nicholas Cage would be able to find.

There is nothing red about the ginger, so why do we call red head kids gingers? Maybe because like the ginger root they have no soul.

Woot! Beat the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls!

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5 Responses to “Random Thoughts: National Treasure”

  1. zzyzx says:

    Well, we nuked um twice…that might be considered revenge.

  2. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Gingers have no soul? Jimmy, let’s get him. I say we spraypaint “n Irishman Livz heeer” on his house

  3. EdThePastor says:

    No souls? My daughter and I will drink yours like our ancestors the drunken Irishmen downed stout ale in the motherland….oops I mean I’m not sure if that is theologically possible.

  4. burt says:

    Myth: Gingers have no souls.
    Fact: Gingers get another freckle for every soul they steal

  5. Manolo says:

    I think there are many Marine Corps-issued K-Bar knives stored in the attics in American homes that attest to the fact that we exacted our revenge.

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